Zingerman’s is a much drooled over deli in Ann Arbor.  A chain of affiliated specialty stores, the original deli resides in the historic Kerrytown. Built in 1982, Zingerman’s sells a wide variety of cheeses, breads, oils, meat, tea, and delicious sandwiches. The Bakehouse next door is known for their baked treats, café drinks, and for giving out a free half-dozen bagels to you on your birthday. 

The organization has several educational events throughout the year, but one of it’s famous offerings is Zingerman’s Camp Bacon.  It’s an event where bacon fanatics can get together to talk about, eat, and play with the wonderful breakfast side. In a true testament to the awesomeness that is bacon, this year’s theme is Bacon-dependence. 

Personally, I’m totally bacon-dependent. A breakfast isn’t superb until the meat is included.Camp BaconCredit: http://www.zingermanscampbacon.com/why-camp-bacon/

The camp is a one-day affair, the second of July this year, but related festivities surround the event.

On Thursday, June 30th, there will be a special bacon themed dinner at Zingerman’s Roadhouse.  Award winning chef Andrea Reusing from the Lantern Restaurant in North Carolina is the guest of honor, though she’ll be a teacher during the camp on Saturday too.

Friday night, the local concert hall The Ark, is hosting a benefit performance staring Andre Williams.  He’s a soul, R&B singer known for bring ‘bacon fat’, and Jon Langford with his acoustic folk sound will open the show.

Saturday, July 2nd is the big event!  The day will be spent talking about bacon, learning about bacon, playing with bacon, and eating bacon.  Two bacony meals are included with the camp fee, as well as more bacon than you can possibly eat.  The famous bacon scholars attending are Andrea Reusing, John T Edge, Allan Benton, Brian Polcyn (who has an amazing cookbook out), Emile deFelice, and Molly Stevens.  But don’t expect to just learn about how to make and cook bacon.  There’ll be bacon stories and bacon art too.

Sunday’s bacon street fair is for those who aren’t bacon-ed out after the main event on Saturday and for those who couldn’t make it to the main camp. Held in the artisan market across the street from the Deli, this is a public, donation requested event, where proceeds will benefit the local 4-H club.

If you can’t make it to Ann Arbor for Camp Bacon, you can still show your bacon love by getting a t-shirt. Make all your friends jealous. And then plan to go to next year's Camp Bacon together.