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Don't Forget Your Tent

Don't Forget Your TentCredit: photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography via photo pin ccCredit: photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography via photo pin cc

Be Smart About Your Girls Camp Packing List

So you're going camping? Sweet. Sounds fun! To make things more fun don't over-pack. There are lots of lists about what to bring camping so I decided to write one about what NOT to put on your camp packing list. Camping is only fun if you bring the right tools, equipment, and mindset.  You should not bring things that you don't need and will just end up adding to your already heavy backpack. 

Don't Bring a Complete Make Up Kit

You do not need to bring the entire beauty counter from your bathroom.  Just bring the basic essentials like lip gloss, face foundation, and skin lotions.  What you must not forget to bring are insect repellant and hygiene products. Leave perfumes at home. Strong scents attract strong animals and unless you want to wake up with a bear in your tent, skip the perfume.

Don't Bring Your Latest Fashion Accessories

Camping is exciting but it is not the ideal spot to show off your latest fashion jewelry and accessories.  It might not attract thieves but surely the glitter will attract attention from wild animals and it may expose you to potential harm and danger, not to mention if you lose anything there's no lost-and-found desk in the forest.

Don't Bring Large Appliances

Don't Forget Your SmileCredit: photo credit: ~chicchun~ via photo pin ccA friend of mine once brought a 24 inch television to a girls camping trip because she cannot fall asleep without it.  While we enjoyed  listening to music and viewing DVD’s, carrying this thing was very tiresome. 

Don't Bring Raw food and Meat

Your scouting days likely taught you to bring only canned goods and ready to serve packaged meals when camping.  Raw food and meat that needs to be cooked is not ideal for camping. Keeping things cold for long periods of time is not easy or convenient.  You should to have ready to eat food when you feel like eating to give you energy.

Chill Out By a Warm FireCredit: photo credit: wishymom (Stephanie Wallace Photography) via photo pin ccDon't Bring Firecrackers or Other Exploding Things

Going camping may be a form of celebrating milestones in your life, but lets limit fireworks to those provided by a small campfire.  Fireworks of other sorts are potentially hazardous. I'm sure you wouldn't want to have the fact that you started a forest fire on your conscience.

Don't Bring Designer Clothing

The rule of the thumb when going camping is comfort.  Make sure that the clothes you bring fit you well.  I know you love that cute new dress you just bought but let's leave that in the closet for a better suited occasion. Camping is a time for old, comfortable, and sturdy apparel.

Do you know any other outrageous items that you should not bring when going camping?  Do share! 

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