Roasted to Perfection!

Anyone who has ever been near a campfire, or a microwave, knows what a S'more is! However, incase you don’t, a normal S’more is a piece of graham cracker, with a piece of chocolate, usually plain hersheys chocolate, a roasted marshmallow, and then another graham cracker. Making a kind of sugar coma inducing sandwich.


But if you're going to go through the trouble of roasting the marshmallow, why stop at plain old chocolate, so below are a few suggestions to spice up your S’mores and make your campfire even more enjoyable. The design of the S’more remains the same, Graham cracker, chocolate, marshmallow, graham cracker, the only thing that will change will be the type of chocolate.


Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

This is my personal favorite, which came out of pure necessity! Meaning I ran out of chocolate but had a peanut butter cup laying around.  This comes out giving you a surprisingly good taste especially when the peanut butter starts to melt.  A note of warning, the peanut butter cups melt almost instantly, to the point of dripping, so you may want to allow the marshmallow some time to cool off before you put it on the chocolate. If you decide not to wait however just be careful as it can burn if it drips on you.


Nestle’ Crunch

Using a piece of chocolate from a nestle crunch bar will add a nice crispiness to the S’more. The chocolate doesn’t melt as fast as the peanut butter cups, so it won’t leak out, and the puffed rice inside of the chocolate gives it a crisp taste.


White and Dark Chocolate

Using normal milk chocolate is a staple of S’mores, however if you switch it up you can get a surprisingly good flavor. Dark chocolate and white chocolate will melt the same as normal milk chocolate, but the dark will add a bit of a bite to it, while the white will compliment the marshmallow very nicely, giving it an overall vanilla flavor which is a nice change up, espeically if you like vanilla.  You can also use a ‘cookies and cream’ type of candy bar that will give the vanilla flavor of the white chocolate with a crunch from the cookies.



Now I have never tried this one, I honestly just thought about it while I was writing up this article, but a small Butterfinger bar would probably taste great on a S’more! The chocolate would probably melt faster than the normal chocolate but the crispy inside would make for a nice buttery treat.



Any of the brands of butter toffee candy bars out there will work perfect for a S’more. My personal favorite is the Skor bar, but a Heath or other toffee bar would work as well. The toffee doesn’t seem to melt as fast as anything else so unless your marshmallow is on fire it will probably stay crisp and crunchy. You should be careful when biting into it so your S’more does not fall apart in the process.

These are just the ideas that I have tried, or just though of in the case of the Butterfinger. Experiment on your own and see what you can come up with, use different kinds of graham crackers and marshmallows and treat the candy aisle as one giant experiment!