Eating well and camping should always be synonymous with each other, Eating freshly caught fish caught in the creek by the camp is always fun and tastes good but you do not ever want to rely on freshly caught fish as your only source of food. Make sure you take plenty of food camping, Here are some easy to make foods you can cook in a Dutch oven or a cast iron fry pan in the fire pit or over the fire pit at your campsite. You can also use a portable cooking stove such as a Coleman Stove for cooking any of these campsite dishes.


Chili is the one of the greatest camp foods ever. It is loved by almost everyone and can be made a million different ways. If you want to use some game meat such as elk or venison you can. If you want to use cheaper hamburger or high quality steak cuts you can. If you want it fire hot spicy or tame enough for your kids and grandmother you can make it to taste. Chili is one of the best foods ever created and is very versatile. You eat it by its self or you can put it on top of your hot dogs, burgers, or potatoes.

Camp CookingBeef Stew

Beef stew is very versatile and a great way to fill hungry stomachs after a day of hiking, swimming, and other active activities. Potatoes are a cheap item to add to the ingredients and very tasty. Many people also like to add corn, green peppers, and any other veggies you want to add. You can, as with campsite chili, make it with game meat such as elk or venison, steak cuts, or ground hamburger.

Fried Potatoes

This is a great meal to make in a cast iron skillet. Slice or dice up some potatoes, throw in some onions and green peppers and fry them up. You can also top it off with some hamburger gravy. Fried Potatoes is cheap to make and tastes great.

Spiced Hash browns

Slice up some potatoes or buy some pre-packaged hash browns. Add them to your skillet and then season it up. Add some green peppers and anything else you want such as bacon bits or even jalapenos. Fry to taste and enjoy.

Camp Eating

There are many easy dishes you can cook up while camping. The great thing about the dishes above is you can make it for 1-2 people just as easily as you can make it for 10 people. Image credit: (Flickr/Dakota O)