Southern Idaho

provides many recreational camping opportunities. If you live In Southern Idaho, near Southern Idaho, or just happen to be traveling through Southern Idaho, then you will have ample choices to choose from when camping.

Southern Idaho offers a lot of KOA style paid campgrounds complete with restrooms and showers, but Southern Idaho is awesome for all of the free camping opportunities.

A lot of people like to camping in their motor home, hook up to a septic system, and then watch TV using the satellite dish on top of their motor home. I have nothing against this, but this article on camping in Southern Idaho is going to focus on traditional camping.

Traditional camping involves a tent. You can transport the tent to the campground by car, truck, bicycle, motorcycle, or even hitchhiking. Regardless of how you get to the camp spot, traditional camping involves a tent.

One popular place Idaho to camping is outside of Rockland Idaho on a stream called East Fork.

East Fork- Rockland Idaho

Just outside of the very small town of Rockland, Idaho there is a creek called East Fork. It is a popular place to go camping and fishing for brook trout.

On Memorial Day weekend, the 4th of July, and other holidays East Fork can get extremely busy with a lot of campers. Holidays tend to pack the East Fork area. If you are looking to drink a lot of beer, party hard, and hang with total strangers camped next to you then go camping on a holiday weekend up East Fork.

The holiday weekends are too loud for my taste, but most other times you can go camping and it will be relatively quiet, except for the occasional ATV's you will hear ripping up trail in the area.

On a non holiday weekend you will have a wide choice of areas to set up camp in. You can choose to camp near an RV or other families camp site. Camping near another family is the first choice for many people. Out of area families like the safety of knowing they are camping near some Idaho family, just in case something happens.
Some people will drive through the creek and camp on the other side. The creek can easily be crossed by automobile. This will provide you with a shaded campsite that will give you a bit more privacy. If you will be smoking your medical marijuana then I suggest you cross the creek.

Fishing for Brook Trout
If you bring a small fishing pole you will catch brook trout. I did not say you might catch fish, I said you will catch fish. Instead of the traditional night crawler use salmon eggs such as Pautzke brand Eggs. You simply put one or two small Pautzke eggs on your little hook, a couple of small split shot to weight the line, and set it in the creek. No need to cast here, the creek is not very wide.

The Brook Trout you catch will be small, but they are easy to catch and taste very good. You can easily gut and then pan fry the brook trout and eat them.

Further Thoughts on Camping up East Fork, Rockland Idaho.

When the summers are hot, some of the campsites will be very dusty. As a car, truck, or ATV goes driving by the dirt road a lot of dust and dirt can be blown onto your campsite. If you do now want to deal with the dust then camp a couple of hundred yards off the dirt road that is off of the graveled road.

Bring Your Supplies
The closest town to East Fork is Rockland Idaho. Rockland is a very small farming community. You will definitely not find a Wal-Mart in Rockland. Rockland Idaho is the type of town where you buy you beer and night crawlers at the same place.

Before you drive to Rockland on your way to East Fork camping area, you may want to stop in American Falls, Idaho so you can stock up on Pautzke Eggs for the brook trout.

While you are in American Falls Idaho, about 20 minutes from Rockland Idaho, make sure you stop at the grocery store. You will need to buy your marshmallows, hot dogs, Shasta Soda pop, graham crackers, chocolate bars, Ice for the coolers, ground beef, potato chips, and any other grocery items you want to take with you when you are heading to East Fork to go camping.

East Fork
The East Fork creek area is a popular place to go camping. It can be pretty in some parts and some times of the year, other times it is not too attractive. East Fork is by not even close to being the prettiest area in Southern Idaho to go camping.

East Fork attracts a lot of campers and fisherman, not because of the scenery but because it is a fun place to go camping, meet new people, and catch fish. Even 4 year old toddlers can catch brook trout when fishing East Fork.

When driving from American Falls to Rockland, you will see some absolutely gorgeous farming land. The wavy hills and the "amber waves of grain" will provide beautiful opportunities to pull over and snap some photographs.

On you way to Rockland Idaho, you can also stop and spend a day at Indian Springs. Indian Springs is a swimming pool. It is very popular with people from American Falls, Rockland, and even Pocatello.

East Fork is my favorite place to go camping. I can always catch brook trout and I always have fun. Some of my best camping memories involve my father and me going camping up East Fork. I'd catch the brook trout and he would fry them up in a pan. Many times I ate brook trout for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We had a lot of other food with us, but nothing tasted as good to me as some freshly caught brook trout from the East Fork Creek.