Birdhouses for Camper Lots

If you own a camping lot in a lakeside community, then you know one of the most enjoyable things about living there is decorating the camping lot. Some people come up with some of the coolest ideas and each yard is always different. I found some decorating ideas for Birdhouses that just seem to fit the scenario. I think that they are too cute, and I hope that I beat the neighbors in purchasing one. Everyone likes to find unique products which gives everyone else lots of creative ideas; however, no one wants to copy someone else’s yard. Now that I have stumble across these, I will be the first to own one, and they are so inexpensive.

I had recently written an article on converting your camper to a cottage and while I was trying to get an idea for my next article, I got distracted. I am glad I did because that is how I wondered on over to Amazon and started looking at stuff when I came across some birdhouses that were perfect for my camping lot. Not only did they have a camper birdhouse, they had more than one to choose from as well as one for fisherman. I fell in love and ordered this one.

Camper BirdhouseCamper Birdhouse Trailer Bird House AirstreamCredit: Pwarlick. You have to admit this is neat, and this birdhouse would definitely look great at any camping lot around. This irresistible birdhouse is reminiscent of the classic Airstream camper complete with awnings. It comes complete with a sign hanging on it that says, “Trailer for Sale or Rent.” It is made of resin and comes with a wire for hanging it in your favorite spot. You know that you love it. It only cost $20.99 making it completely affordable; however, this next one is a great pick too.

 Thatched Roof Cottage BirdhouseCredit: Pwarlick

This is one adorable birdhouse that would be perfect for any location. It is very inexpensive, but it is made with quality. Every customer review gave it a five star rating. Each person seemed quite happy with the quality, workmanship, and durability of the product. I like the beauty and cozy feel that this birdhouse portrays, however, I am pulled by the whimsical nature of the RV Birdhouse more. This one is priced at less that $20.00 dollars so you can’t go wrong with it. 

                                                                                               Thatched Roof Cottage Birdhouse

In any case, I thought that both birdhouses would be perfect for a camping lot, and they would serve the purpose of housing the birds that I have worked so desperately to get to my cottage. Considering that they are both relatively inexpensive, I may just have to purchase them both. After looking at the reviews it appears that the cottage style is roomy and easy to clean, and looks exactly as pictured, but the reviews on the Camper Birdhouse were just as promising and the customers stated that there were many details to the design. So, how does one choose. I can’t decide so I may just have to go with purchasing both.