Camping outdoors has attracted many followers over the years and has evolved from the simple traveller setting up a tent in the wilderness. Now camping is possible all year round, even in the winter, if you are a lover of the outdoors.

In any type of camping, it is always good to have a camping list no matter who organizes your camping trip for you. Forgetting to bring the sunblock or the ice can ruin a great camping trip. Bring the right clothes for the correct season and place. A list on your home whiteboard or typed in your computer can get all campers ready for the trip with less fuss.

Don’t forget to check out the latest camping equipment and gear. You just might be surprised with what new thing they have invented this year. Do a quick inventory of your own camping stuff to find out if anything needs  throwing out or replaced. Keep your eye out for sales on camping equipment or check your local yard sales for a good find. Remember to bring the right gear for the activities you intend to engage in if it is not provided.

There are many places to go camping for any type of budget and any type of activity. Plan your trip and reserve ahead. Parks are usually crowded during long weekends and a good spot hard to find. If you want some quiet, it is best to avoid busy dates. Know the booking and cancellation policies your camp site offers to avoid disappointment.

However you will get to your camp site, you must make sure your vehicle has a good check-up and is in perfect driving condition. You will be bringing many supplies and equipment for most types of camping so your vehicle deserves the special care to bring you there.

Here are some of the various camping styles that have evolved through the years that you might have heard of or actually experienced.

Wilderness Camping

Probably considered the basic camping style, wilderness camping usually involves hiking and backpacking as well. Campers normally bring only the bare essentials that are lightweight, minimal change of clothes and a few food items. They might augment their food supply by living off the wild. These campers are more skilled in outdoor living and can live on basic necessities. Do not expect to have a public toilet and shower in this type of camping. Think of this as some degree of the “Survivor” reality television show. Wilderness camping is more for adventurous and physically fit people.

RV Camping or Camper Vehicles

Some people prefer to go RV camping because they would like to take their whole house with them while enjoying the outdoors. They can own or rent the recreational vehicle and select from many various sizes and styles. This type of camper can bring more supplies with them and have access to a private toilet and maybe even a private shower. Campers park the vehicles on rented RV parks designated for these large portable homes. Sometimes it is possible to also pitch a tent on their site. Camper vehicles are smaller than RV’s and has a collapsible unit that extends into a sleeping section. Mostly retired people or small families opt for this type of camping because of the comfort and convenience.

Tent Camping

Tent camping is now the more common concept of camping. These campers bring more than the basic camping equipment with them including kitchen tents, camping tables, camping chairs, portable stoves and maybe even a portable sink. They must reserve their camp sites in advance to select a site with an electric supply or not. Most campers that fall in this category enjoy being in the outdoors but do not want the extra work involved in wilderness camping. It is less expensive than RV camping and has more of a “roughing it” appeal. Sometimes campers rent a rustic cabin or cottage and pitch tents  beside it.  This type of camping is best for families with children or groups of friends who want to enjoy some bonding time or just want to get away from city life.

Specialized Camping

Specialized camping can sometimes be a mixture of tent and wilderness camping but with a focus on some specific activity, usually hiking or canoeing. The campers sleep in tents but enjoy the wilderness by exploring trails or riding their mountain bikes most of the time. Another example is winter camping that challenges the rugged adventurer in you.

There are some people, mostly tourists who want a unique experience while camping. There is such a thing as an overnight in a tepee or sleeping under the stars. These campers normally do not need to bring their own equipment as these are pre-arranged by a guide, a travel agent or by a resort that has booked their accommodation. These campers are mostly after the particular activity and are willing to spend on the experience.

Glamping or Glamorized Camping

The name speaks for itself. Glamping is not considered camping by hard-core campers but it certainly has its takers. This type of camping includes a bit of all types of camping mentioned but has more emphasis or the comforts of the camper. These campers do not worry about their transportation or camping equipment. The arrangements are already made for them. Similar to specialized camping, these campers focus on a particular activity or outdoor event but they want all the comforts less the problems of creepy bugs and lumpy sleeping bags.  Glampers will most certainly be rich people or celebrities who still want their luxuries in the outdoors with no expense spared.

So, have you figured out which camping style suits you? Maybe you are more adventurous and willing to try out a different style this year. But whatever style of camping you want to try, you want to enjoy the outdoors. If you have never been camping, it’s about time you did. The outdoors and nature beckons, so let’s go camping!