Camping tables usually aren't the first piece of equipment that springs to mind when you think about spending time in the great outdoors. This often overlooked piece of equipment can add to the enjoyment of your camping experience by providing a place to prepare and eat meals as well as providing a flat surface for games and other activities. A camp table also provides a place for items you don't want in the dirt such as food and drinks. It will save your back by providing an elevated work surface so you don't have to squat down or bend over while preparing food or washing dishes.

Before purchasing or making a camp table you will need to decide how it will be used. Will it be used for food preparation? If so, the top of the table will need to be made of a material that can be cleaned and sanitized. Will it be used as a dining table? How many people will be eating at the table? These factors will let you decide on how long and tall the table will need to be and if you need both a camping table and chairs.

Your style of camping will also play a big roll in what type of camping table will best fit your needs. If you are hiking into a backcountry campsite you won't want anything too heavy. There are high impact plastic and aluminum tables on the market that roll into small, self-contained bundle that are easy to attach to your pack. Are you planning to use a more developed campsite where your car will be nearby? Then a larger, heavier camp table would be easy to include. Just be sure to measure the camp table to make sure it will fit in to or on top of your vehicle.

After you decide what size and type of camp table you want you can either make your own or purchase a camping table. A quick search on the Internet or at the library will supply plans for many types of camp tables. If you are handy with tools you can build the prefect table for your camping needs from these plans. There are also kits available which will supply both the plans and the materials needed for a camp table. Don't think that your choice of camping tables will be limited if you don't want to build your own. Sporting goods stores, camping stores, and many department stores carry a wide range of camp tables along with other camping and outdoor supplies.

The type of camping tables available run from the very simple folding table to large tables with attached seats and sun shades. There are also specialized camping tables available that have built in sinks and kitchen storage. A camp table doesn't have to break your camping equipment budget. Used camp tables in good condition can be found at yard sales, online, and from friends and family.

Camping tables are a great addition to your camping equipment. It can make your camping trip less work and more enjoyable.