Although it may not be the most pleasant thing to think about, you should definitely consider bringing along a camping toilet when you go on a camping trip; it will make the most unpleasant things a lot more pleasant. Many men automatically envision the idea of “roughing it out” in the wilderness, and think about simply using nature’s natural toilet that some people call a hole in the ground; however, you can still “rough it out” and be sanitary at the same time. The models and ideas that are featured throughout this article will definitely allow you to rough it out in the most pleasant manner. These camping toilet reviews will really allow you to be properly educated, and make the best possible purchase; this will ultimately make your excursion a lot more enjoyable!

You Should Create A Camping Toilet Tent For Added Privacy-Any Model Can Be Used

One of the greatest things about creating a tent enclosure for the toilet is that you can incorporate absolutely any model in it! The tent will provide you with some added privacy, and protection from any animals that may be lurking around your personal space when you are trying to “do your business”. The easiest way to do this would be to buy a tent without a base, and place a model inside of it. By doing this, you will have created an efficient camping toilet tent that will add some privacy, and allow the person to feel a lot more comfortable when they are “on the can”. For the most effective results, be sure to dig a small hole inside of the tent so that the person has a place to throw their used toilet paper in.

The Portable Model By Rothco Has A Firm And Sturdy Camping Toilet Seat And Is Available On Amazon For Less Than $20

There is no worse feeling than sitting on a toilet seat in the middle of a forest area, and worrying about it being unsteady or falling apart. A person must be in a relaxed state of mind when they are “doing their business” in order for their body to do so in a healthy manner; moreover, being worried about falling off of the toilet seat will not facilitate a very relaxed mindset. Rothco has a portable camping toilet seat that is extremely sturdy, and available on Amazon for well under $20. Realistically, at least 4 people will be using this portable toilet seat on your camping trip,so it will cost each person less than $5 for their peace of mind when they are doing their business if the cost is split among everybody.

Pretty Much Anything Can Be Used As Camping Toilet Paper-Leaves, Tissue, Paper Towel, Or Household Toilet Paper

Making or using your own toilet paper can be deemed as “roughing it out” in the wilderness on your trip. People are used to the 2 ply soft toilet paper that they can buy at their local store; however, the leaves that you will find in the wilderness will be ANYTHING BUT 2 ply. Ideally, the 2 ply tissue that you get from your local store would be the best thing to bring along on a trip to use as camping toilet paper; however, you can always resort to leaves or other soft things that you find in the wilderness if you run out of what you have brought along. I would be sure to bring more than enough toilet paper from your home to last you the entire duration of the trip.

I Would Bring A Few Garbage Bags To Use As Camping Toilet Bags For The Used Paper-Burrow A Hole For It To Hide The Smell

Many people avoid bringing their own toilet paper from home because they do not know what to do with it once it has been used to clean up “their business”; however, bringing along a few garbage bags is the perfect solution to this problem. These garbage bags that you bring along can be used as camping toilet bags, and can be used to dispose of the toilet paper that you will be using. The most effective thing to do would be to dig a hole, and place the garbage bag inside of it; this will conceal the smell as much as possible.

Be Sure To Read Many Camping Toilet Reviews Before Making A Purchase-Ensure That You Are Educated On The Product

There are literally hundreds of models that are available for purchase; many of these models are priced within the same range, so it may be hard to make a decision when you are uneducated. You should be sure to read through as many camping toilet reviews as possible before buying one; this will ensure that you are fully educated on the product, and that you will be satisfied with its performance!