Mummy Range is a range of mountains in the Rocky Mountains located in Colorado. The mountain range is located northwest of Denver, just above the city of Boulder. Much of the mountain range lies inside Rocky Mountain National Park. The mountain range is tall, rocky and has several options for camping, hiking and travel, which outdoor enthusiasts should enjoy. This form of camping is very rough, and visitors should expect to depend on themselves to provide food, water and shelter.

Camp Sites

There are several different camp sites along the Mummy Range mountain range in Colorado. Most of these campsites are located around the mountain range’s several lakes, including Lake Lawn, Pear Lake and Crystal Lakes. Camp sites are available at Ypsilon Creek, Golden Banner, Lawn Lake, Upper Chipmunk and Cutbank. Check several weeks in advance before arriving at the camp sites as these locations have limited camping spaces. RV trailers and other large vehicles are unlikely to fit at most of these camp sites, which offer the most primitive services only. Many sites do not even offer clean water or restroom facilities. They also do not have amenities such as RV hookups or electricity.

Things to Do

There are many things to do at Mummy Range, including hiking, fishing biking and boating. There are hundreds of small hiking and walking trails throughout the mountain range. You can fish at any of the lakes with proper fishing permits and boating activities such as canoeing, kayaking and recreational water activities are allowed at some of the lakes. Some lakes, however, are not accessible to watercraft. Check with each individual lake’s regulations before venturing onto the water. Guests can also visit Rocky Mountain National Park  and Rocky Mountan National Forest located in Mummy Range.


The climate at Mummy Range can be very severe. The elevation is upwards of 10,000 or more feet in the air, which creates a windy, dry and cold atmosphere for the majority of the year. In the summer, temperatures reach into the 70s during the day, dropping to 30 to 50 degrees at night. A little lower inside the mountain range where the lakes and camping areas are located, the climate is friendlier, mostly due to the tree cover and presence of water.


The scenery at Mummy Range varies depending on the altitude. At the highest mountain levels, you can see all the surrounding countryside, which is a breathtaking site. In the immediate area, however, there is less to see. Plants are small and infrequent at such high levels. Near the lakes, the scenery is lush and beautiful with abundant greenery, trees and plenty of fresh water. The stars are vibrant at night due to the lack of nearby cities or external lights, making star-watching a beautiful and rewarding sight.