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Camping in Costa Rica can be an amazing experience!

Costa Rica is the perfect place to camp for both solo travelers and families on vacation. Sure, there are many cheap places to stay for only a few dollars a night at hotels and hostels, which can be dark and smelly!  But camping in Costa Rica is a completely different experience. The sounds and smells of the outdoors make it seem like a different country altogether!

You can travel to very remote places in the country and catch the perfect wave, listen to the sounds of nature, and become close with the wildness and beauty that surrounds you. You can sleep under the stars, walk along the beach in the moonlight, and separate yourself from the crowds that swarm the beach cities and national reserves.  You can find rivers and streams to swim in and spend all afternoon basking in the beauty of the silence. There are warm waterfalls you can find and bathe in, without the interruption of hoards of tourists following guides. There are so many wild places you can discover yourself by getting off the beaten path!

The best time to plan your camping trip to Costa Rica is during the drier months of the year, which usually runs November through April, in most parts of the country. However, this is also high season for Costa Rica, so camping will  also save you money due to the increase in tourist season pricing, and decrease in hotel and hostel availability. You can really benefit pre-planning where you will choose to travel for your camping destinations, and avoid swarms of crowds and tourist related activity. 

 A lightweight tent and a silk sleepsack for sleeping are very important fot camping in central america.  It will be often too warm for a sleeping bag. Also make sure that the tent you bring is very breathable, yet with mesh netting too small for very small insects, such as sand flies, to crawl through. Also, purchase the most important elements such as your tent, backpack, and other important gear before you leave for your trip. Options for buying camping gear may be limited depending on where in the country you plan to travel while in Costa Rica.

Always make sure that unless you are staying in a designated campground, you have permission from local land owners to camp on theri private land. If you plan to camp on the beach, it is also a good idea to ask locals for advice about safety  in the area you are staying. Some campgrounds provide a security patrols at night. Ask if you are concerned.

Never leave valuables in your tent unattended, and take a small padlock for added tent security. Beach towns are notorious havens for thieves.

Never leave food in your tent, as birds or other small creatures can chew through the tent fabric to get to it.

Make sure you take plenty of insect repellent and sunscreen. A towel draped over the top of your tent during the day can provide you with some shade and provide a few degrees of cooler temperatures if you are camped in the direct sunlight. Word of warning: Be sure not to set up your tent directly below any trees that can potentially drop coconuts while you are camped there. The coconuts can be heavy and cause serious injury to a person, so be wary of where you are when you picnic and set up your tent.

You can shop at local markets or stores for picnic lunches. Cheap restaurants are abundant in most places and have delicious basic plates for breakfasts and dinners.


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