Camtasia Studio is one of the most powerful Mac video capture programs. It offers a full compliment of editing tools and several recording tools as well as a wide variety of file-conversion formats. When using this application, people can capture any activity on their computer screen.

It also allows them to create presentations, videos, tutorials and demonstrations. Aside from that, they can also import camera photos, music, videos and other forms of media. With Camtasia Studio, they can splice, cut and combine clips.


One of the things that people like about Camtasia is its interface. It is small, straight forward and easy to use. It also has simple buttons that allow users to record a part of their screen, their full screen or other options. Aside from that, it includes options for varied screen formats such as Web, YouTube HD, iPad and iPhone.

This is great for people especially if they have two user screens. It also lets people save and view their creations through the use of an HTML5-enabled custom player. Instead of being locked to PCs and laptops, individuals can use other devices to view their project. At the same time, Camtasia provides users with a two gigabyte storage space on if they do not have the means to host their finished video.

Another feature that people like about Camtasia is the editing tools. This is because it includes many audio and video editing features that help people to easily create top-class screen videos. Video recordings go into the Media Bin that can be easily access on the left side of Camtasia’s editor.

It also lets the user organize all of their audio and video files in the Media Bin the way they like. Aside from that, it lets them to adjust and colorize their video while adding glows, drop shadows, masks and reflections. Users can also spotlight a window within Camtasia’s video capture while adding some interactivity.

Another development that many people enjoy is its recording engine. Camtasia’s new TSC2 codec now has the capability to record at a much smoother 30fps. This makes viewing a project noticeably smoother, and this is critical for those who utilize interactive features. It also includes a Quizzing option that lets individuals provide instant feedback on screencast videos.


Although it has a lot of features that will make competitors take notice, there are a few things that people should look to be improved on the next version. One of the most common deficiencies that its users notice is that there are no effects unlike other programs. Aside from that, adding something on its timeline splits the track.

This ultimately ruins the editing process. What is worse is that adding transitions cannot fade the video. Adding something into the timeline cannot also split the track. At the same time, it is not very stable software. It crashes easily and often forces a reboot. 

Many Camtasia users also complain that some features are not intuitive and awkward to use. Some people also noted that the longer the video and the more edits they make, the greater the risk they have of losing the file. It also often takes several tries to edit and record simple PTT presentations.

Camstasia is not particularly well suited for people who are starting to use screenshot applications. This is because this Mac video application offers few support and help options. Although it has some video tutorials that are quite easy to follow, there is no knowledgebase, email support or blog offered with this product.

Aside from this, the price tag can be a turn-off at $300. There are other products found on the market that are more affordable and offer the same features found in Camtasia Studio.

The Bottom Line

Despite its rough edges, Camtasia Studio is one of the most promising screencasting products out there. Its editing interface is well thought out and makes it simple for people to create good looking productions. The ability to edit both audio and video with a single tool is highly attractive for people who want to get their projects done fast. If users’ needs are relatively simple, then Camtasia Studio is worth consideration.