Once it was only in the movies where we could often see the characters running to their psychotherapists with every problem. They spent long hours on special sessions and we had the feeling that they existed only thanks to them. Back then we could laugh about it but in reality every third person admits they visit a therapist regularly. What happened? Are the times we live in really so hard that we need special help or do people exaggerate and the fact of having a private psychologist means we are trendy? Can't we deal with our everyday problems without a specialist?

First of all we have to realize that a therapy in general doesn't always have to be good for us. We don't go to see the doctor with every cold we catch. If we did so, soon we would completely lose our immunity. The same is with psychotherapy – abusing it makes us fragile and unable to deal with everyday difficulties all of us encounter. That is why we shouldn't make the decision about starting therapy too soon. There are days when we feel down and don't feel like doing anything – it doesn't mean we are depressed. A couple of crazy dreams don't mean we are schizophrenic. What I am trying to say is we should deal with our little lows on our own; otherwise we won't be able to live without professional help – just like the movie characters I mentioned at the beginning.

There are various methods to fight bad mood; we just have to discover what works for us. Some of us can go shopping and buy themselves something nice. The others feel better after talking to a friend who lives abroad via webcam. Playing our favourite music also helps. Usually bad mood goes away after some time – we are only humans, we can have better and worse days. Of course, let us not exaggerate here either, when we feel bad for months and really can't do anything about it then probably there is something wrong with us and we might need help so we should it ignore it either.

Sometimes we want to see a psychotherapist when we are planning a big change in our lives. It is a good idea. When people want to improve their relationship because they are aware something is wrong, or when they want to get married but feel that they are not fully ready – in such cases a conversation with a therapist can work miracles. It is also very recommended to visit a specialist when we want to lose weight – sometimes it is not only about switching to vegetables and low carb bread, more often it is a problem of our head. But then again we shouldn't abuse it. Booking a session to find out how to ask someone out is a little bit too much.

I know some of us experienced the changes for good that a good therapy can enforce and I am not saying it is not worth to ask for help when we need it. What I want to say is that we are generally made strong and we can deal on our own with most of the difficulties the life has to offer. Let's not forget about it!