Can't Sleep? How to Overcome Sleeplessness with Insomnia Hypnosis

Do you count sheep? Reach for the sleeping pills? Pace and fret; toss and turn? I am talking about insomnia or sleeplessness, a common concern among those who live and work at stress filled jobs or, given the recession, no jobs at all. Do you sleep? And if so, how? This essay is about finding another way to go to sleep at will, any time and virtually any place. The major alternative which I will explore is insomnia hypnosis.

Insomnia hypnosis is usually a form of self hypnosis. So let us begin with a basic program for self hypnosis. Once you have mastered that program, we can then apply it to overcoming insomnia. Sit in a chair that has arm rests. Gaze at a given spot on the wall opposite you. Now, stretch out your right arm so that it is parallel to the floor and your palm facing the floor. Notice how your arm is getting progressively heavier. As your arm becomes heavier, tell yourself that your eyelids are getting heavier and just as your arm gets heavier, so too does your eyelids; in fact, the heavier your arm, the heavier your eyelids, so that it becomes difficult for you to gaze at the spot on the opposite wall. And now you notice that as your arm is getting heavier and heavier and your eyelids grow heavier and harded to keep open, your head, too, is getting harder to hold up and it would feel so good to let it go and rest on your chest. Tell yourself you will begin to mentally count from 10 to 1 and that when you reach one, your head will fall forward and so you begin the count. And at the count of one, your head falls forward and you are completely relaxed.

Insomnia Hypnosis Requires a Script

The above script is an induction into a hypnotic state. In this state your subconscious mind will willingly accept most suggestions you feed it and in your case you will want to suggest a strategy for overcoming insomnia. Here is such a script:

See yourself floating on an invisible soft cloud and no matter how you turn on the cloud you feel supported and it feels so good just to sink deeper and deeper into the invisible cloud. You know that the hypnotic state is closely related to actual sleep. You know this because in cases where subjects were left alone in a hypnotic state, the state usually changed into natural sleep and after the person stayed in the deep sleep they would rest and then wake up when they had rested their body and mind. So now that you are in a hypnotic state you are going to go deeper and deeper into this hypnotic state so that you will encounter dreams. The dreams will take you on a journey that is very relaxing in themselves.

Enjoying the Dream: Overcoming Sleeplessness with Insomnia Hypnosis

You are dreaming and enjoying your dream. You are dreaming of lying on your invisible cloud and sinking into it deeper and deeper. You see yourself sleeping. And you are peaceful. And in your sleep you are going to go even deep into a state of relaxation. Your hypnotic sleep is now blending with ordinary sleep. And when you want to sleep all you have to do is to allow your eyes to become heavy and begin counting silently from 10 to one and you will know that when you reach one, your eyes will close and you will go into a deep state of relaxation and that this state of relaxation will gradually turn into a hypnotic state and the hypnotic state will turn into natural sleep and you will sleep as long as you need and then awake and feel very refreshed. Now count from 10 to one.

When you start your program you can use the chair for the initial induction, but later you can use a variation of the technique lying down. Simply pick a spot on the ceiling and go through each step, letting your arm grow heavy and falling by your side and noticing how your eyes are getting heavier and that when your arm falls, your eyes will close and your head will drop to one side. And then you will want to deepen the hypnotic state by making suggestions on sleeping. Sometimes it is useful to memorized affirmations regarding sleep and plugging them into your deepening phase. For example, you can say: I will drift from hypnotic state to natural sleep easily and effortlessly. I will fall asleep when I want and where I want. I will enjoy the comfort of sinking into my invisible cloud and drifting deeper and deeper into it.

As time goes on, you will gain facility in establishing the induction stage. You may only have to lie down and begin your count. The cycle of induction, deepening and dreaming, and natural sleep to awakening will have become a pattern in your consciousness. You will not need to effort at it. At this point you can begin to program your dreams. You can decide that you are going to dream about traveling in Europe or the Orient and you can even plan your activities down to the most minute detail. But you will probably get some surprises along the way also. You can always test your dream state by using a lucid dream. Tell yourself that you can walk through walls and then do it. If successful, then you know you are dreaming. Now you can shape your lucid dream by providing the mind with a fantastic scenario. You will discover that dream life is highly pleasurable. But not only is it pleasurable, it can also help you to solve problem. Simply pose the problem when you enter the dream state or slightly before and let your subconscious find the solution. You will be surprised what may happen.

In your search for applications, please be aware that the many labels indicating an end product are virtually the same in their foundation, that is in the use of induction to created an altered stateof consciousness. Without this, you can't move forward toward your application. So don't get stuck on terminology. Some variations you may find are: hypnosis show, street and clinical hypnosis,overt and covert hypnosis, smoking cessation hypnosis, hypnosis orgasm, golf hypnosis, quit smoking hypnosis and insomnia hypnosis. These are all built on the foundation of solid inductions.