Do you suffer from Insomnia? If so, you may be wondering if or could allergies be a cause of your condition and if you can get a handle on it that way. Well the truth is, allergies can be the cause of many health problems, one including definitely trouble sleeping, this is because allergies trigger an immune response and can in the process release more adrenaline which keeps us awake more. Insomia and Allergies

And when you sleep you are more vulnerable to allergies that are around you. You are vulnerable because you cannot blow your nose, you cannot hide from them if they are around the bed, you cannot stop breathing them in while you sleep.

Allergies and Insomnia

First of all let's look at allergies.. Allergies are everywhere around us across the world. Whether you think you have no allergies or not we all do, that is a myth. I am sorry but that is the harsh truth, maybe you react less than others to things but we all have allergies. Basically we all just react differently to different things and we all have different tolerances to those things as well (immune reactions).

Some of the most common allergies you will be aware of are dust, mold, cockroaches, pets including dogs and cats, paint and common house cleaners (chemicals). Each of which can cause nasty health responses while we sleep.

Now here is the interesting facts. Research has revealed that by making your bedroom more allergy friendly not only will you improve your healthy sleep pattern (insomnia), but you will also extend the value of your life, your health, your immune system and longevity. And some other news for the girls as well, allergies can commonly cause skin problems, skin blemishes, skin eczema, rashes and more.

Do these sound familiar to you..? If so, some minor changes may be need to help you sleep better.

Allergy Removing

So what is the plan of action now?

First off let's examine your room, your bed may be causing your insomnia, is there any mold or dust near the bed or in the room, is the paint on the walls non toxic, are there any chemicals in the room with you and lastly are there pets sleeping there too.. Each of these could be ruining your sleep dramatically as well as your health and you could be on the way to full blown Insomnia. Which is what no one wants, trust me.

So, I reckon if you are at risk, make the changes that are needed and then see how you feel, it could make a world of a difference, in fact if you suffer from insomnia or sleep problems it could quite possibly change your life fully.