Citizens Protest After Police Rupture Testicles Of A 16 Year Old Child


On the fourteenth day of January in the year of our Lord 2014 two former Fullerton, California Police Department officers, Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli were acquitted of charges for the July 2011 beating death of Kelly Thomas, a homeless schizophrenic man who'd been beaten to death by three police officers, all of it captured on videotape.  The third officer involved in the snuff film of Thomas , Joseph Wolfe, won't even face trial.  On that day, January 14, 2014 it was made plain and simple to the people of California, and the signal was sent around the nation, police officers can beat you or your loved one to death, the whole ordeal can be videotaped, the victim pleading for his life, begging for forgiveness, and absolutely NOTHING will be done about it in the courts of law[1].

Oh the horror of police doesn't stop there.  Adding insult to murder, officer Jay Cicinelli is attempting to get his job back, "I was wrongly terminated," says Cicinelli after walking free of a videotaped murder of a mentally ill man who begged for his life, and who died with broken bones in his face, choking on his own blood[2]. Why are the police killing the mentally ill?  Well, the answer is, THEY CAN, and nothing will be done about it in courts of law.

A much more recent videotaped police beating happened in Long Beach, California; where officers used batons and tasers on a man before arresting him. Four and one half minutes of the beating left police training experts DIVIDED on whether or not the incident amounted to excessive force.  Apparently the victim of this police beating had deserved it for "appearing irrational.[3]"  Why are the police becoming more violent?  They are becoming more and more violent nationwide BECAUSE THEY CAN, and you and I have not done enough to stop it as of yet.

On January the seventh day of the year 2014, and In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania a sixteen year old African American straight A's student, Darrin Manning,  was sexually and physically assaulted by a female officer of the law in a very violent way for NOT running from police when the rest of the group he was with did.  The police ruptured his testicles, and the child will likely never father one himself, he was served and protected just that well.  We can't expect Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson to get involved in this, there's no money in it for them, and the instance can't be used to push gun control for international bankers.

"I blame myself," said the mother of Darrin Manning, "I taught my son to respect cops, not to fear them, maybe if he was afraid, he would have run like the other boys and he would have been okay.[4]" Dear readers, when a mother of a child assaulted by police for no reason blames herself for NOT teaching her child to fear police officers, then it is beyond clear to us all that police officers are nothing more than violent gangs of armed criminals.  What are we going to do about it?


Kelly Thomas Before And After Being Served And Protected By California Police

It is simply not true that you and I have no power to end police violence against ourselves and our loved ones.  We have all the power in the world to do so, and there is absolutely no reason we must tolerate a police officer who enjoys violence living in our communities.  Our taxes pay these men and women's salaries.  We pay for this violence against ourselves.  We also have voices, we can bring the subject up to every single person we interact with should we be concerned about it.  We can learn an officers name and address, we can learn who his parents are, where they live, who his or her children are, who his or her brothers and sisters are, and we can find out who their commanding officers are.  We CAN do something about it.  We can have those persons literally move out of our community, and begging for a place to live elsewhere if we care enough..

We the people can write letters to our senators, and to our House of Representatives reps.  I do this very often.  We the people can create petitions to the president himself[5], or herself, always.  We are NOT powerless.  We can also use any other means we have to remove violent thugs with badges from our communities for our own protection, and for the protection of our loved ones, and let us not forget, police in the USA are now very frequently killing our dogs. None of these things, none of this type of rampant violence seen in the USA today perpetrated upon us by police is tolerable.  None of it is acceptable.  All of it must be changed to where police abuses of power are so rare they are shocking to us when we hear of them once again.  If we the people are to be bound by law, then it is only reasonable to expect the police to abide the laws they ostensibly are hired to enforce. It's time they are forced to take a step back towards peacekeeping.


Riot Police In Pittsburgh

Riot Police

It's not just in the USA where this rampant police corruption and violence is now an unacceptable norm. The same malignant behavior has been seen in many nations on the Earth over the past two years. These things have become so hated by we the citizens of the Earth that many of us now dream of a post-police world.  Is it possible to have a world without police?

The fact the police more provide a disservice and assault than a service and protection in places isn't the single most awful thing about modern police forces.  The single most awful thing is we the people are unwillingly paying for police all over the nation with our taxes.  It is an abomination to pay federal taxes to fund the DEA when the DEA is working with the Sinaloa cartel to import drugs into the USA, and then the same agency locks up US citizens for possession of drugs they oversaw the shipments of into the country.  It isn't just the DEA, however, there are other, many other such administrations.  How can we get better police?  We can do away with the current system, and have privatized police departments. The USA is already an economy of capitalism mixed with socialism; perhaps some libertarianism would solve some of these problems we're seeing with socialized police forces.

privatized police are not a fantasy, they are a reality. Their FIRST priority is to protect the citizens under their care, and they seek to find non-violent solutions unless completely unable to do so. Where is this?  What or who are these private police?  In Detroit is where we see our model for privatized police.  The company is named Threat Management Center[6], and it is an idea well worth spreading.  Should this model of policing take root, the competition essential to maintaining the integrity of a service should absolutely improve the quality of police we encounter all across the nation.  Thanks for reading.