That strange odor and grayish discharge from your vagina may be bacterial vaginosis! That used to be a scary diagnosis, one which required treatments with a series of antibiotics. The problem involved with taking those antibiotics was they did not always work and as we now know, antibiotics can create an immunity to themselves, an immunity that causes them to be ineffective!

Home remedies for BV are natural and far safer for many illnesses

There are several highly effective methods of treating bacterial vaginosis today and each of them have proven to actually work! Each of the following remedies are not only “natural” but very affordable and do not require a trip to your doctor or the expenses involved with prescription medications. With a long list of side effects possible including upset stomachs, adverse reactions, and various symptoms of sickness, the antibiotics previously in use have now been judged highly ineffective. Why not allow naturally occurring products to work with your body rather than against it to cure many maladies, especially bacterial vaginosis which is easily and permanently cured with simple ingredients?

Short list of proven and highly effective remedies for bacterial vaginosis

1)    Apple Cider Vinegar is mildly acidic and that is an important factor because when a woman’s vagina is affected by bacterial vaginosis it tends to be very alkaline. The acidity in this form of vinegar will help neutralize the area and restore natural body fluids and bring about a natural order lost by the bacteria involved. Yogurt, which can be applied both inside and outside the vaginal area, is another method of treating bacterial vaginosis because it applies a “good” bacteria (Lactobacilli) directly to the area affected.

2)     Tea Tree Oil is an effective antibacterial oil that comes in a bottle and can be mixed with water. This oil can be directly applied to bath water at a rate of 10-12 drops or used as a douche and applied directly inside the vaginal area. Always use tea tree oil in a diluted form and never apply directly to the vaginal area.

3)    Probiotics in the form of yogurt and capsule work quite effectively because they restore the vaginal area to its natural bacteria levels. This assists the naturally occurring bacteria in fighting off the “bad” bacteria and eliminating bacterial vaginosis once and for all.                                                                                                                    

Let natural ingredients win the battle against vaginal bacteria

Whenever possible it is preferred to use naturally occurring ingredients, especially when they work better than prescriptions such as antibiotics. Yogurt is well established as a natural healthy food that also is shown to restore that naturally occurring bacteria that antibiotics may destroy. Try applying a small amount of plain yogurt to a tampon and inserting it for a few minutes daily. In a few days your problems with bacterial vaginosis will have been eliminated. Try tea tree oil as an assistant to yogurt. It works best when applied to a shallow amount of warm water and used as a “soak” method. Finally, include apple cider vinegar into your daily diet as well as applied to bath water for a soothing soak and the restoration of naturally occurring bacteria. Proven natural cures for BV can help treat it in a non intrusive way... act now.