Sarah had been lucky enough to find an employer who allowed her to work from her home. Having always enjoyed art and other crafts it was truly fantastic that she could stay home and paint and get paid for it.

She placed her art table in front of a huge picture window in the den. She could see out over the lawn and the front of the farm It was beautiful scenery, she loved looking up and seeing the asters as they opened their blooms in the morning and slowly shut tight in the afternoon sun. She could also see the mailbox from her window. She simply loved getting mail, even if it was junk mail. She'd create something from that too.

Sarah had a close friend who had been sent to prison a couple years ago. Since she was great friends with his mother, she and Tom had exchanged several letters and some art work through the mail, sometimes twice a week.

She had gone with her friend Janette to visit him in prison a few times and they had become very close. There were many phone calls, sometimes all the way up to the time they cut the phones off in the prison.

One morning everything was happening as usual and Sarah was at her table painting the art prints that she colored with water color washes.

A little bird flew up to the window right in front of her. It's little wings fluttered as it pecked three times on the glass.

"Wow, that's unusual", Sarah thought, and went back to her painting. The little bird appeared again and pecked on the glass three times. It fluttered there briefly and then flew away.

"That's really amazing," Sarah thought, "It's almost unreal". Sarah felt something odd but she couldn't put her mind on exactly what it was. She thought " Pecking three times, could mean "I love You", but why? Could it really be? Sarah remembered an old song that had a line in it about "knocking three times". She thought about one of her Grandmothers old wives tales about a bird flying into the house being a sign of death. But this bird didn't come in the house it just pecked three times on the window glass.

She was really puzzled but if she wanted a paycheck this week she had to get back to painting.

Oh, well it was almost lunch time and lunch time meant it was also almost time for the mail to run. So she had a quick lunch and continued with her painting. She was really hoping to hear from Tom as she hadn't gotten a letter from him yet this week.

A few minutes later she looked up and saw the mailman driving up and putting mail in the box.

Oh boy, she thought, maybe I'll get a letter from Tom. She rinsed her paint brush and rushed outside to get the mail. Yep! There it was a letter from Tom. She hurried back in the house and sat down at the kitchen table to read her special letter. She started reading, not much news coming from a prison. Tom was preparing to be released in a few months and looking forward to coming to see her. He had a lot of thoughts and ideas about all the great things he was going to do when he got out. He asked Sarah to be sure and come with his mother whenever she came to visit him

Then near the end of the letter, this is what Tom had written. "I was out in the recreation yard today and there were several little birds sitting on top of the fence just chirping away. I went as close as I could trying not to scare them off. Most of them flew away but one little bird stayed. I talked softly to it for a minute or two and it really seemed like he was paying attention to me. So, I told it to go tell Sarah that I loved her. The little bird looked at me for a second or two and then flew away".

"Oh, my goodness", Sarah said aloud to herself, "maybe that's what that little bird meant"

But it couldn't be , she thought, that prison is almost 200 miles away.

Did Tom really talk to the bird? Were the three pecks on the window glass the birds way of delivering Tom's message?

Guess we'll never really know in this lifetime, but Sarah will always believe it was. And, anyway doesn't almost everyone agree that "anything's possible".

Authors note:

This is a true story. The names have been changed for protection.