You are not alone if you are afflicted with cellulite somewhere on your body. Many people have that puckered or dimpled skin caused by fatty deposits in their buttocks, hips, and thighs, or less commonly in their stomachs or arms. Cellulite gel is a treatment for cellulite that is becoming popular today. But does the gel actually work to reduce cellulite and improve one's appearance?

Cellulite gel basically works by tightening the skin. It increases the elasticity of the skin, causing it to pull tighter against the fat and muscle layers beneath it. That smoothes out the puckers and dimples in the skin. Most people will see an improvement in the appearance of their skin if they use cellulite gel.

You won't know how much the gel will help you until you try it. It helps some people more than others, which you will see if you read reviews by customers who have used cellulite gel products. Some people get wonderful results so they are totally pleased with the product. Other people don't see any improvement at all, so they are completely dissatisfied with it. Some of those who get good results find that the cellulite quickly returns when they discontinue using the gel.

That's because cellulite gels, like the cellulite creams and lotions that are available, only improve the skin's elasticity. The ingredients that these products contain, such as collagen, simply plump up the cells of the skin, smoothing out the puckery look caused by the fatty deposits. It's really just a temporary solution for the condition, so the products must be used continually to keep the skin smooth.

Is there a significant difference between the cellulite gels, creams, and lotions? Consistency and texture are the main differences separating the different products. The ingredients are usually the same, but some people just like the feel of gels more than the feel of lotions or creams. Some claim that gels are less greasy, or that they absorb more easily into the skin.

The bottom line, however, is that if you really want to get rid of that dimpled fat, you will have to reduce your weight and do some cellulite exercises. Cellulite is fat, after all, and no gel or cream or lotion that is applied externally will eliminate it. As long as you realize that, cellulite gel can help you temporarily by improving your skin's appearance so you look and feel better immediately while working on a long-term program to fix it permanently.