Can diabetes be reversed? This might be the question that plagues about 25.8 million people or almost 8.3% of the US population. There has been a lot of research on how diabetes can be reversed naturally because the underlying causes of diabetes (especially type 2 diabetes) are bad eating habits. It is due to poor dietary habits that the body is overloaded with simple sugars that tire the pancreas down and weakens the production of insulin. Therefore, technically good eating habits should reverse the process and consequently, diabetes. However, others are of the opinion that diabetes cannot be reversed, but only controlled. In any case, let us examine the major factors influencing this disease.

Active Lifestyle

Most of the programs for reversing diabetes focus on developing an active lifestyle with lots of physical activity. Simple aerobic exercises improves insulin sensitivity and glycemic control and also lessens the threat of heart disease. The simple activities include, walking, workouts, playing sports like badminton, squash or tennis, and other aerobic exercises. Even walking as little as two hours per week has resulted in drastic improvement in the health of diabetics.

Food Habits

There is no doubt that improving food habits contribute greatly in reversing diabetes. Foods which enhance your health are raw fruits and vegetables especially the leafy ones, fiber rich foods like whole grains, foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as fish, flax seeds and nuts. Drinking clean water is also of utmost importance to maintain hydration of the body. Processed foods, canned food and foods containing preservatives, additives and fructose corn syrup are not recommended because they could disturb the insulin production.

Alternative Medicine

Research in alternative herbal remedies for reversing diabetes have found that a herb called salacia oblonga holds good potential to enhance the production of insulin, thereby reducing blood sugar. Vitamins E and C help to restrict the free radicals and to prevent diabetes induced cardiovascular diseases. Bitter melon, fenugreek seeds, cinnamon and garlic are used in alternative medicine to lower blood sugar and reverse diabetes. However, all these methods are not conclusive. 


The information in this article is not medical advice. Please consult your doctor before trying any remedy. This article is meant to educate and only a medical practitioner can help you professionally to deal with the question - "Can diabetes be reversed?"

There are lot of tips and information available online which can help you manage diabetes and even connect to other people who are facing the same problems as you are. Education and information is most critical in managing and controlling diabetes.