Green Tea and Weight Loss

Green Tea and Weight Loss

A cup of green tea is enjoyed by most of us but few know that this drink can actually help drop off extra pounds. Forget the hyped ways of losing weight that are constantly advertised on your television and radio, you could drop pounds by drinking cups of tea all day! Green tea weight loss program is a proven weight loss strategy that has other health benefits as well.

Drinking green tea really helps in burning up calories and unwanted fats. It therefore comes as little surprise that green tea forms a major component of common diet pills. While the tea does not provide fast loss of weight in comparison to cabbage diet soup for instance, it can assist you in losing considerable weight without putting your health at risk like most weight loss supplements. Let’s have deeper insights on tea for weight loss while looking at other healthy weight loss tips.

Green Tea Helps Get Rid of Fat…When you take sugar and fat, they get amalgamated into an indispensable substance known as triglyceride. This course happens to the liver as well as the small intestines. This substance (triglyceride) is very essential as it provides the energy needed by the body to support its various functions. However, when there are to many triglyceride in your body a health risk looms. The unwanted triglyceride is processed creating fat causing obesity.  

Research has shown that tea is able to lessen the threat posed by triglyceride since it is laced with high quantities of polyphenols. The function of polyphenols is to trigger a specific enzyme that is in your body. It is this enzyme that is responsible for dissolving the extra triglyceride. This therefore means that the amount of fat in the body is effectively reduced if you drink tea. 

Green Tea Triggers Metabolism…Green tea is laced with an array of strong antioxidants that has many benefits for the body. An oxidant known as epigallocatechin gallate, abbreviated as EGCG has the potential of stimulating your body’s metabolism and hastens the weight loss. 

The caffeine contained in the tea together with EGCG combines to motivate the nervous system and let’s fat enter the blood stream with the body responding by using the fat as energy. This development where the body uses the processed fat is referred to as thermogenesis. This process involves production of additional energy, shedding of additional water and burning of excess body fat. While caffeine can use thermogenesis alone, the process is more active as it works in combination with ECGC alongside other products contained in the tea. 

Green Tea Enhances Fortitude While Exercising…The tea, which is one of the few proven weight loss supplements, is great when it comes to improving the body’s endurance during exercise. If you are walking for weight loss, drinking this tea will improve the energy levels not to mention that it has a role to play in muscle building with the ultimate effect being an improvement to the body’s metabolism. 

The catechin polyphenols current in the green tea can excite your muscle and cells including the liver to take up more fatty acids. Due to this, the body uses carbohydrates at a controlled rate. Having more carbohydrates in your body means more energy and by extension you can walk or workout for a lengthier time and the body will burn more calories. 

In conclusion, drinking tea really helps speed up metabolism by as much as 4% which amounts to 100 calories each day. This therefore means that it does not contribute to a substantial loss in weight. If you need to shed more weight perhaps you need to use other options like the cabbage soup diet.

Most women are skeptical about the use of cabbage diet soup. Does the cabbage diet soup work? The cabbage diet soup is very effective when it comes to losing weight fast. It helps its user lose up to 10 pounds in an amazing 7 days.

While the tea weight loss program is effective in helping women lose weight, adoption of other options is inevitable given the amount of weight lost with green tea. This will help you keep off the weight for long. This information provided here certainly offers inexpensive weight loss tips for women who may have unanswered questions about cabbage soup diet and green tea weight loss programs. You now know where to start with the program, the dos and don’ts.