Weight loss has become an important goal for most people. In doing this, most of them resorted to various fad diets causing nothing but more frustrations. As of today, there are several weight loss products that are reliable and have shown positive results. One in particular is green tea. What exactly is its effect on the human body? How does it aid in losing weight? You will discover the answers to these questions as you learn more about green tea and weight loss.

How weight loss works?

In every weight loss program, it is mostly explained that to shed those unwanted fats, one must deduct at least 3500 calorie or 1 pound per week. In achieving this, you can either burn it or control your calorie intake. For that reason, most diet plans available today involves low-calorie meals and extensive fitness programs. In correlation to your daily meals, there are various calorie counts for each food group. Fats have the highest calorie count which is 9 while both carbohydrates and proteins have 4. But, proteins are not converted into energy. Instead its role in the body is to repair and build tissues and muscles. That is why most weight loss diets are either low-fat diet, low-carbohydrate diet or both. But, aside from these two methods, you can also use supplements that act as calorie burners.

Green tea and weight loss

Green tea is an excellent product of nature. It is usually associated with cancer prevention, acne treatment and skin care regimens because of its antioxidant effects. Aside from that, it is also connoted as a product good for the heart and diabetes. This is according to several researches which states that the main constituent of green tea namely EGCG has potent effects in lowering cholesterol levels. But, there is more. As of today, researchers have claimed that green tea either as a beverage or food supplement can aid in reducing ones’s weight.

So, how does losing weight through green tea works?  This is where most debates start. Skeptics would say that it is impossible to lose weight through green tea alone. In reality, EGCG can burn fats. However, its effects are minimal to produce obvious results. This effect was explained in a Japanese research. In their experiment, they concluded that 5 cups of green tea a day can burn 70 to 80 calories. As you can see, this is quite small compared to the required 3500 calories that you need to burn weekly. But, this is still proof that green tea has positive effects. If used consistently and properly, it can definitely aid in losing weight.



To be honest, no one actually stated that the use of green tea alone can dramatically improve your physique. Losing weight in a healthy way takes time and green tea is an excellent supplement to your program. But, if you prefer to consume tea alone, you have to understand that it would take some time. In rare cases, it can also be ineffective depending on your diet regimen. Therefore, the key to a successful weight loss program is to understand calories and how it affects your weight. If you want efficient and satisfying results, you have to include low-calorie diet and fitness activities in your daily routine.