Can Duofertility Monitor Help You Get Pregnant and Avoid IVF

Sex is supposed to be pleasurable. That is not often the case when you are trying to conceive and things are not going to plan. There are women who will get pregnant just by looking at their husband. There are other women who will have to struggle and try all the best positions in the book to no avail. Others have gone down the road of IVF and the success has been limited.

Then, there is the Duofertility monitor that claims to help you get pregnant. You will still need your husband of course (this is not Immaculate Conception) but you will both be getting help from the Duofertility monitor. You might be skeptical about the Duofertility monitor if you have been trying to conceive for a long time. The problem with IVF or the obsession that can be linked to conceiving is the related stress. Men are said to be obsessed with sex but when you are trying to conceive and you wife keeps coming at you, you might begin to feel like a machine and sex will probably become mechanical.

If you are currently experiencing that and other issues relating to IVF, Duofertility monitor will not help you with sexual exhaustion. That being said, what is Duofertility monitor and can it really help you get pregnant and avoid IVF.

Can Duofertility monitor help you get pregnant: Is Duofertility monitor a scam?

Duofertility is trying to avoid what you might call scam marketing. Yes you will be wondering if Duofertility monitor is a scam. The manufacturers of this product have gone out of their way to reassure buyers with a money back guarantee. They say, if you don't get pregnant with Duofertility monitor within 12 months, you get your money back. With that guarantee you can be assured that Duofertility is not trying to do a runner with your money.

Can Duofertility monitor help you get pregnant: What you should know

Duofertility monitor is a gadget and that means you are buying a hand held electronic device. To simplify things a little, Duofertility monitor is a thermometer that works with a body sensor. You place the sensor on your body and watch the reading from the Duofertility monitor device. If you have spent so many months or even years peeing on sticks, you know that the Duofertility monitor is a slicker way of doing things. Duofertility is not a new innovation. The idea behind Duofertility monitor is still the same but you will be doing things differently.

Can Duofertility monitor help you get pregnant: Why buy the Duofertility Monitor?

Apparently nobody really knows why some women are unable to conceive. The reasons are multiple and having the wrong husband can also be a problem. The Duofertility will apparently help you figure things out a little so that you can understand your cycle and get busy when you really have to. If you are an 80 year old women and you are wondering why you are not pregnant, the Duofertility will not reveal that to you (maybe your husband cannot get it up). You can view the Duofertility as gathering information about your body and helping you know when the best time will be to have sex and succeed in conceiving. You have 12 months to practice with your Duofertility monitor

Can Duofertility monitor help you get pregnant: Is it worth your money and how much does it cost?

If you are really desperate for a baby you will want to try the Duofertility monitor. At the end of the day you have got nothing to lose. That being said, the Duofertility monitor is not cheap and will cost you about $800. That is not cheap but at least you have the get your money back guarantee if you don't get pregnant within 12 months. It is cheaper than IVF and that is a good point in favor of the Duofertility monitor. You need to read the smaller prints to make sure you are not being ripped off.