Much has been said about how electric blankets can lower your electric bills.  In short, yes they can.  Electric blankets can be used anywhere for warmth, not just your bed.  You can use it to snuggle on the couch, or keep a child warm before going to bed. They keep warm for quite a while, so using them while turning your heating off can save you money in the winter months.

The electric blanket was actually invented by a doctor in 1912.  Dr. Sydney I. Russell invented the first electric blanket to keep his patients warm.  He later went on to create the Northern Electric Company, where they perfected the automated electric blanket. Originally they were called under blankets, as they were used on top of the mattress, under the person.

Nowadays there are many manufacturers, but it is always important to follow the instructions, as these can be dangerous if not used correctly. 

Fleece electric blankets are the best for warmth, even when you switch it off, the fleece will keep the warmth longer.    There are many faux throws available in every color, and in every size, from children’s to king-size electric blankets.  They can add so much to the décor of your bed, all the while being extremely functional. It is best not to put other covers on top of the electric blanket, as a safety measure, especially while it is plugged in.

As a kid, I remember my mom having to buy several different electric blankets, so that we would stop fighting for them.  Pink ones for the girls and blue ones for the guys.   

I have many fond memories of pillow fights and snuggling in the cold. My best memories are of going to visit my grandmother in England in the winter. After dinner, she would always slip away to turn on the blankets, so we kids could jump into a warm bed.

Electric blankets are a great holiday gift for family or friends, it’s the kind of gift everyone remembers and becomes a treasured heirloom.  Amazon has a great selection, and the prices are reasonable, although you can find them at all the major department stores like Macys. 

There are several things you should look out for when shopping for warming blankets.  The first thing is to make sure it is UL certified.  This means that it has been tested and deemed to be safe.  After all, there is electricity running through it!  You can choose to buy fast warming blankets, so that you don’t have to wait while they warm up.

Also, make sure that the one you choose has a low voltage, you don’t want to risk getting shocked.   With the low voltage, you will also be using less electricity.  You can also find electric blankets that have a heat adjuster and automatic shut off  that turn off  as soon as it hits the desired heat.  Electric blankets are a great investment, I hope you consider one this winter.