One of the many health concerns that people have nowadays is high cholesterol. If you have high levels of LDL cholesterol in your body then you may well go on to develop heart disease. Basically the LDL cholesterol helps to block up your arteries because it's in your blood and develops into plaque. Normally the good kind of cholesterol known as HDL cholesterol will carry the LDL variety to your liver for it to be disposed of. However high amounts of LDL also mean low amounts of HDL so this is where the problems begin.

Luckily you can actually do something about it but lowering LDL levels whilst also boosting HDL levels. This can be done in many ways including the consumption of green tea. There have been studies on green tea which show that LDL is prevented from oxidizing and therefore doesn't turn into the dreaded plaque. So if you are having cholesterol problems, drinking green tea will really help prevent it becoming a major issue.

the University of Hong Kong had a look to see how drinking green tea would affect lowering your blood cholesterol levels and it was shown to be a very positive thing. In the experiment, rats were given a diet high in cholesterol for a week prior to the experiment. The rats were then separated into groups and given different types of tea whilst also eating their high cholesterol diet for eight weeks. One of the groups, however, were not fed tea. Instead they were fed water.

So what kind of teas were fed to the rats? Well, there was Puerh, Iron Buddha, Jasmine, Green as well as Oolong tea. The scientist wanted to know if there was any difference between fermenting or not fermenting the teas. All of these teas have experienced different levels of fermentation. Along with looking at the type of teas used, they also looked at the weight and fat levels of the animals.

The teas that had been fermented the least, Jasmine and Green tea, were found to have a positive impact on the serum and liver levels of cholesterol. They also affected the weight and fat levels on the liver in a positive manner. Whereas the other teas that had been fermented more along with the water, were shown to have little effect at all. Also, the levels of HDL cholesterol and triglycerides really didn't change in any of the different groups.

So if you've been thinking about drinking Green tea then you'll be pleased to know that it will help deal with your high cholesterol problem and also generally improve your health including helping you to lose weight. If you are also interested in losing weight, you can learn about where to buy Tava Tea which has been shown to work very well at helping lower cholesterol along with helping you to lose weight.