Why do we need so much health care anyway?

Are poor eating habits the reason humans are seemingly unable to avoid disease? Why do you never see one of natures other mammals standing in line at the drug prescription counter, or carrying around a box of Kleenex in the wintertime?strawberries and cream

Why are we told by the “smart” people that we will die if we don’t submit to vaccinations? Why are health costs so high as to bankrupt the average citizen?

And why do we need so much “health care” anyway? Are humans really that fragile? Humans, along with dogs, cats, bears and most other large animals are members of the vertebrate class Mammalia.

Why are veterinarians always so busy?

Besides humans, the only other members of the Mammalia class that seem to require health care are dogs and cats who live and eat in an environment similar to humans. Hmmm… could there possibly be a connection here?

I still remember the day, over 60 years ago, when I asked my mother why our dog sometimes ate grass. She explained to me that grass was his medicine for whenever he had a stomach ache or didn’t feel well. When I asked her why humans didn’t do the same thing she responded: “Because humans don’t use the common sense God gave them”.

Our family had a history of Alzheimer's disease, heart disease, diabetes and cancer, and her response that day is what inspired my life long interest in nutrition and how it related to disease. In fact, years later when I learned that "grass" is one of the most nutritious foods in the world (especially Alfalfa & Wheatgrass) I realized how right she was. Unfortunately she didn't live to know it. She died of colon cancer.

Healthy Eating Habits or Poison?

My goal was to become a medical doctor. However, while taking a few required courses for medical school, my own research and common sense caused me to question the influencce of the pharmaceutical industry on the "health" profession.just one piece

I disagreed with the reliance on drugs and invasive surgery to "cure disease" versus implementing healthy eating to "prevent disease". Besides, I had already seen the fatal results of drugs and surgery in my own family.

Did you know that all pharmaceutical drugs are poison? If you don’t believe me, just watch the commercials during your favorite TV program. At some point you will see a doctor/actor spend 2 minutes touting the benefits of a pharmaceutical drug followed by a list of possible life threatening side effects.

Worse yet, the next commercial will often feature a lawyer telling you to contact him/her if the drug you are taking causes disabling side effects. And the bottom line of both commercials is income, not your health. By the way, there is a plethora of diseases caused by not adhering to healthy eating, but there is not a single disease caused by a deficiency in pharmaceutical drugs.

We spend billions of dollars on poison drugs!

Yet we spend billions of dollars every year taking poison drugs to wade through a multitude of illnesses as we try to enjoy the extended longevity that has been falsely attributed to those same drugs.  I am not promoting Ayurvedic Medicine in this article but a little research on Ayurvedic medicine will give you a good understanding of the difference between good nutrition chocolate cake(115353)and pharmaceutical drugs.

Having studied drugs, nutrients, and nutritional health for over 50 years, I have learned that drugs do not heal. As referenced in Ayurvedic medicine, drugs can affect the symptoms of a disease but healing will only occur when the body receives the proper nutrients to heal itself.

Meanwhile, there are natural substances called antioxidants that have been used by humans to prevent disease for thousands of years until we evolved into the “intelligent” beings we are today and have chosen to ignore them. All of these substances still exist today and are readily available to anyone who wants to take advantage of their health supporting qualities. It is simply a matter of choice between nutrition or poison.

Yes, Healthy Eating Can Prevent Disease!

The tempting photos on this page are not intended to tease you.  They are simply there to remind you that anything you want to eat is fine in moderation, as long as it is surrounded by foods that support your good health.  And if you need help, I suggest that you visit with a health conscious, licensed physician to get a professional opinion.