I'm On Welfare But I Need More Money!

Yes, you can get an emergency or instant cash loan if you are getting welfare benefits. Believe it or not, because you are getting welfare benefits, you are viewed as less risky than someone with a job.  This is because, welfare payments is guaranteed money and a solid source of income. So if you need an emergency cash loan or a payday loan, your welfare benefits should be a sufficient source of income to qualify you for these types of emergency cash.

Some Sources Of Emergency Cash Loans or Instant Cash Payday Loans

Crisis loan: Anyone in financial crisis can get this loan whether he is getting welfare benefit or not. However, someone who wants to apply for this loan must meet the criterion such as being 16 years old or over, the borrowed money should be used in emergencies, disasters and to fulfill living expenses for a short period. One must be incapable to meet the short term needs of his family. The advantage of this loan is it does not charge any interest or extra fees. The Department for work and pensions (DWP) administers this program.

Credit Unions or Banks:  Go to your bank or credit union and sit down with a customer service representative. They can tell you what types of loans you qualify for. If you have good credit, they can usually find something to help you.

Online: Nowadays some money lenders are lending their money by online. Although anyone has bad credit can get loan from them. This way is little risky, but if you want an instant cash loan, this can be suitable for you. Companies like Payday Panda will put your information in to 60 different payday lenders to see what you qualify for.

Bad credit lenders: Some people are lending money on internet as well as in real world to the people who have bad credit. It is quite easy to get an instant loan from them. It can be a good alternative for those who receive welfare benefits but also have bad credit.

Government programs:  Getting money from the government comes in many forms. If you need additional aid, you can speak to your welfare counselor.  You can also get government grants depending on the situation.  Government grants usually do not need to be paid back so that can be counted as free money and not necessarily an emergency cash loan. There are also government programs to help you get a free cell phone if you are on welfare.

Fixed Rate Payday loan: There are all types of payday lenders online.  Fixed rate payday lenders or ten dollar payday loans are fixed interest payday loans that can help you get through tough times.  The great part about ten dollar payday loans is that you pay a fixed interest of $10 per every $100 you borrow.

Car title lenders:  Car title lenders are a great source of emergency cash. But remember that their interest against the loan will be very high. So go to them if you need cash loan urgently. Make a transparent contract with them to avoid deception. Read the deed carefully. You usually have to own your car outright to qualify for this type of emergency cash loan.

Instant same day loans:  ‘Instant same day loans’ is a nationwide online loan provider company.  The company gives loan for the people everywhere in UK.  It is known for giving loans with better term and conditions. You can use their loan service if you have bad credit, getting welfare benefit, or earning a low salary. Anyone get an instant cash loan easily with their flexible loan application process.

No faxing loan: It means you are not required to fax any of your documents to get the loan. Most of the no faxing loan providers companies give instant cash loan for unemployed individuals too. So, you can apply for their loans though you are getting welfare benefit.  The process is usually simple and takes all of the hassle and stress out of borrowing money. 

100dayloans: This company does what it says, it gives 100 day loans to individuals who qualify for their emergency loan program.  This company is located in the UK, so you must reside in the United Kingdom in order to apply for this source of emergency cash. They generally lend £50 - £1500 for 100-day period. They lend to virtually everyone including people on welfare benefits, students living with their parents, people having bad credit etc. Therefore, you can get an instant cash loan from them as long as you meet their qualifications.

Loansforpeopleonbenefit.co.uk :  This is an online loan company  that provides instant cash loan specially for the people are getting welfare benefits.  You can get a good amount of money very quickly after applying on their website. The amount of cash they lend can vary according to your ability to pay back the amount in a timely fashion and the financial needs of the borrower.  Loans from this company starts around  £1000. Only 18+ UK citizens who are getting welfare benefit can apply with this company for this source of emergency cash.

paydayloansforpeopleonbenefits.co.uk : Payday loans for people on benefits provides instant cash loan for the people who are getting government aid. This company is very sincere about their cash delivery. You can apply for an instant cash loan and you will get money in hand by the end of the day that you applied. Applicant must be at least 18 years old, having £500 in saving and getting welfare benefit for past 6 months at least.  Applicants must reside in the UK in order to qualify for this emergency payday loan. You can apply right online at their website.  The application process is simple and short.

Student loan:  For students who are also receiving welfare benefits, you can also get many types of federal aid through the student loan program as well as grant programs and work-study program.  Usually, the poorer you are, the more money you qualify for.  Many online colleges disburse the financial aid directly to you so you choose what you want to do with the money.  Undergraduate programs with brick and mortar schools usually disburse the money directly to the school and you may get the surplus depending on the school’s policies.


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