5 Online Nursing Degree Programs

Earn Your Nursing Degree Online

Can I get my nursing degree online?

Yes, you can enroll in online nursing degree programs if you are interested in earning your nursing degree online. There ar actually many options available to you if you are looking for distance learning programs that will let you earn a certificate or even a degree in nursing. Online nursing degree programs are one of the most popular online degree programs as of late. Jobs that require a nursing degree are increasing which makes this a great time to register for a nursing degree online. There are many options to choose for if you are searching for nursing degree programs online.

Benefits of Online Nursing Degree Programs

There are many benefits for choosing to register for a a school that lets you get your nursing degree online. One of the main benefits is that you set your school schedule yourself. For the most part you get to study and progress at your own pace. If you are busy with other obligations such as kids and a family going to an online school will make it easier for you to divide your time between school and family without feeling like you have to neglect either. Because you get to set your own schedule you get to study when the time is best for you, even if that's 2 a.m. in the morning!

Searching for schools that offer nursing degrees online may be easier than finding an accredited school in your area. This is particularly true if you  live in a small town or rural area. Keep in mind that in most cases the online school that you choose will probably require you to complete some course work such as tests, quizzes and examinations at a predetermined location were the exam can be proctored by a licensed nurse. In these instances you will be given plenty of notice, usually at the start of the semester about any work that is required that you must do in person.

Earning a nursing degree online cuts out the need for a long commute. Again, this is particularly true for for people in rural areas. With the rising price of gas, online degree programs are a great way to save money on gas. cutting out commute time also gives you more time to study or to take care of other things that you have going on or want to accomplish.

How Long Will It Take to Earn My Nursing Degree Online?

The length of it time it takes to complete a online degree or certificate program variesOnline Nursing Degree. There are some online schools that follow the traditional school schedule and offer online classes by semester. This means that you may be able to earn your nursing degree in 4 years, just as you would if you were attending a traditional university or nursing school. There are also accelerated programs that offer nursing degrees. The time it takes to finish these types of schools varies greatly and depends on the course load that you decide to take on.

How Do I Pick a School to Earn a Nursing Degree Online?

One of the main things that you must consider when choosing an online school is the cost of the school. Whether you will be using FASFA or a student loan or money from some other source it important that you choose a school within you budget. Remember that you might still have to purchase books or other supplies.

Check to see if the school you choose is accredited. accreditation is important because it determines which institutions such as other schools, hospitals and other possible employers recognize the school you attend as a legitimate institution of higher education and the value placed on the credits and degrees that you have earned from that school.

Which Schools Offer Online Nursing Degrees?

1. Walden University - Walden University is a regionally accredited university which offers a variety of nursing degree online including: a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN); Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) which is accredited by the Commission of Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE); a Post-Masters Certificate in Nursing; Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP).

2. Chamberlain College of Nursing - Chamberlain offers nursing degrees for men and women that are currently in the nursing field and are registered nurses or already hold a degree. Since students that enroll at Chamberlain are already registered nurses or degreed professionals they can have their degree in as little as three semesters.  Chamberlain offers three different online degree plans- the first is the RN to BSN Online Degree option. From their students can choose the RN-BSN to MSN Online Options. There is also Masters of Science in Nursing Online Degree Program for students that already have a Bachelor's degree in nursing.

3. Lamar University - Lamar University School of Nursing offers a 13 month online RN to BSN program. The School fo Nursing at Lamar University is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC)

4. Western Governors University  Texas (WGU) - WGU Texas offers  two online bachelor's and four online Masters degree programs. There is a PreLicensure B.S. Nursing degree online and a B.S. Nursing for RN. The programs for a Master's in Nursing degree are offered to RNs with a BSN.

5. Drexel University Online - Drexel offers the most options for nursing degrees online. Whether you have recently graduated high school and are enrolling in college for the first time or if you are already a degreed professional working the nursing field there is a variety of programs for people seeking a nursing degree online. Drexel offers online certificate programs in nursing as well as Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctor nursing degrees online.


There are many more online nursing degree programs. If you are serious about earning your nursing degree online you should research the cost and requirements of each nursing Nursing Degree Onineschool that you come across. As when doing research on any online degree program make sure that the online school you choose and the degree that you choose is accredited. Remember that you may be able to pay for your online nursing degree with federal finacial aid money or with a student loan. All of these are things you should take into account when choosing a school to enroll in to receive your nursing degree online.