Ways To Study Spanish Online

You can learn Spanish online either by opting for paid courses, such as Rosetta Stone, or by using the multitude of free online resources.  Money is tight nowadays, so most people are interested in any solution that won’t cost them an arm and a leg. 

There are three main methods of learning a foreign language at no cost at all.  All you need is a decent internet connection (you don't even need the best broadband deal) and a computing device.  The main methods are interactive online courses, podcasts and videos.  These are very engaging, interactive and a lot of fun, which is what is required to make you want to go back for more and persist with your learning journey.

Online Courses

This is the more traditional online method of learning to speak another language.  Instead of attending classes or buying software, there are several free online courses you can make use of.  These courses are as good as attending classes or buying software, without the hefty costs involved.


This site offers a huge amount of free content, including drills, quizzes and explanations.  You have a choice of beginner, intermediate and advanced Spanish courses.  You will commence with a pronunciation tutorial which covers the all-important vowel sounds.  Thereafter you can switch to the grammar tutorial.  These lessons include tests and quizzes that provide you with instant feedback.

Once you have mastered the basics of Spanish, you can move on to the intermediate and advanced courses.  The intermediate course moves you onto the practicalities of Spanish.  You will have the opportunity to interact with native Spanish speakers and fellow students.  This is a more practical level of learning.


This site offers you Spanish translation in several languages.  It offers a range of useful tools such as a dictionary, games, flashcards, along with their translation software.  It offers Spanish courses ranging from beginner to advanced-intermediate.  You will be able to track your progress and share it with other students on the site.  You will have the opportunity to learn from professional, certified teachers.  There are more than 60 videos that will guide you through the different levels.  You can choose to do activities and earn points to track your progress. 

There is the facility to record your speech to help you practice the speech patterns in Spanish.  There is focus placed on the grammar section of the different levels in the courses. 


This site offers a range of courses, and Spanish forms part of the offering from their Language School selection.  You will be able to learn to speak quite quickly with all the available free resources.  There are activities and games with high quality audio, images and video.  The daily resources that are available on the site include word, phrase and verb of the day. 


Podcasts are a fantastic method of learning to speak a foreign language.  They are ideal if you wish to learn Spanish, but find that you are often moving about.  All you have to do is download the audio files and transfer the files to your mobile device.  This gives you the opportunity to learn Spanish wherever you are. 

The following podcasts are all free of charge.


These podcasts are each about eight minutes long and they cover a different topic.  The types of topics include doing your taxes, setting the table, going to a party and ordering a meal at a restaurant.  These are ideal if you intend going on a trip to a Spanish speaking country, but as you become more proficient in the language, you will be able to supplement this knowledge with a more detailed course.

Notes in Spanish

This series features a couple who live in Spain and it offers you authentic practice in listening to natural conversations.  You also have access to news, interviews, current affairs, travel information and Spanish culture.

Spanish the EZ Way

These podcasts do not focus on the technicalities of the language.  The idea is to have fun whilst learning the basics of Spanish with fun games and quizzes.  There are also videos that are available for you to watch on the site.

Videos via YouTube

The Spanish Blog

This is one of the best YouTube video series to learn Spanish.  Laura Garrido Eslava is from Spain and has placed more than 100 free videos on YouTube.  The available lessons offer beginner and intermediate lessons.  When you start with the beginner videos, you will learn grammar and vocabulary which covers topics such as introductions, family, feelings and physical descriptions. 

The intermediate videos cover parts of speech, grammar and additional vocabulary.  If you access Laura’s blog, you will be able to gain access to written notes on every lesson, along with all the video recordings of the beginner’s course, video lessons of the intermediate course and a range of video lessons that cover pronunciation.

TontitoFrito and Others

There are other YouTube Spanish videos available, but none are as in-depth as The Spanish Blog.  TontitoFrito helps you practice Spanish, but the person who offers the videos makes it quite clear that you will not become fluent by using his videos.  The videos are vibrant and fun to watch!

Traditional Courses

If you want to learn Spanish, the websites mentioned above will definitely give you the opportunity to do so without paying a penny or cent.  Many people prefer paying for their courses because they believe that courses you do not have to pay for are not worth the paper they are written on (or the screen on which they are displayed). 

If you fall into this category, you can opt for some of the more traditional courses that are offered online.  Some of the online courses with excellent reviews are:

  • SpanishPod
  • NuLengua
  • Livemocha
  • Instituto Exclusivo
  • Radio Lingua Network
  • Speak Shop
  • Spanish at Home
  • Web Spanish

All these courses have been given ratings over 8 out of 10.

Before you sign up for a Spanish course, you should determine your learning level.  Many websites offer you a placement test regardless of whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced speaker.  You should also determine the amount of time you have available to spend on your learning.  This will allow you to choose the most appropriate course for your personal circumstances.

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