I think most everyone is aware of the hazards of smoking cigarettes or using other tobacco products by now. Even with the knowledge we have many of us are just not able to quit smoking. We find that many of us are weak-willed and that the old demon nicotine has a stranglehold on us. So we play a negative recording in our head when we start thinking about quitting.

Nicotine does have a strong hold on many people. Just the thought of stopping the use of cigarettes causes us to think negatively of all the things that could happen. One of the mind games we play is thinking we have made a decision to stop when we know our will is weak. Before you actually stop your mind is thinking of how you can get that next cigarette. You know you can hang out with friends and bum one or two. That way you don't have to actually buy any for yourself. You continue to be miserable because you were too weak to stop. Finally you just start up smoking cigarettes again, sucking up all that nicotine.

Tobacco is used in five different forms—cigarette, snuff, chewing tobacco, pip and cigar.

Each has a different way to supply you with the nicotine you so crave. It is generally accepted that the average cigarette smoker consumes more nicotine that any other tobacco habit. One who inhales the smoke is a deeper addict than one who doesn't, but both are in the trenches. The moral of this is that while chewers and snuffers actually get more nicotine into their systems, smokers are generously compensated with a host of other poisons inhaled through the smoke.

Nicotine, the most addictive and active drug in tobacco, is insidiously powerful. It gains a peculiar hold on its victims, often much stronger than alcohol. An alcoholic can, in many cases, go along cheerfully for a considerable length of time without having any desire for the alcohol, yet the person who has not given up smoking completely must constantly have his poison in some form, or suffer.

So, when you think you can quit for a small period of time it does not amount to much if the craving for nicotine exists and continually aggravates you. This is a truth that all smokers must think about and grasp and hold always as a cardinal truth. It is not the indulgence of the use of tobacco that needs to be rooted out, it is the tobacco use itself.

There's one thing that must be done by anyone who wants to become freed from the shackles of the tobacco habit. He or she must become so determined that the habit can be conquered so completely that he or she will have no more desire for it than something they find disgusting to eat (like crow). Think about how determined you are now if you want to quit smoking cigarettes.

Having decided to quit using tobacco, keep your thoughts upon the great benefits you will receive soon, and do not allow yourself to be dissuaded from your purpose. Interesting, isn't this? You must develop an unflagging, unfailing determination to stop using tobacco because you will be facing one of the most important periods of your life. You can only do this with your positive thoughts. You have been determined to do things in the past and accomplish them, you can do this also.

Some of you may have come to the conclusion that you have not been enslaved by tobacco and you do not suffer from any physical disorder caused by it. But, now would be the time, based on your observations to not use tobacco any more.

Unfortunately for others of us will power, strong as you think it is, cannot fight off tobacco addiction by merely demanding that it vanish and go away. You thought you could quit in the past and strained your will power to the max and in the end tobacco and its nicotine-soaked cigarettes regained power over you. Having convinced yourself of the fallacy of trying to quit merely exercising your will power, you are wondering why it is that you cannot simply wish the craving out of your system.

Don't lose confidence in yourself; don't blame yourself unreasonably if in the past you have endeavored to cut out tobacco and failed.

The first requisite is that you must adjust your mind and thinking to that condition which make you view with pleasurable expectation and relief the prospect of being absolutely free from the bondage of nicotine.

Once you have decided to stop committing slow suicide, do not permit yourself to entertain any thoughts of wavering. You can actually think your way into quitting. You must let unshakeable resolve conquer a habit that debilitates and destroys you.

You can now smile and refuse tobacco when friends offer you some of theirs. You can be proud of yourself being able to withstand these minor temptations. You will find that nicotine is not the hall-mark of comradeship. In a short time you will find it is routine to refuse a proffered cigarette.

Be faithful to the simple precepts of thought and you will find that you can stop smoking cigarettes and /or using other types of tobacco. You will gain a very positive attitude by adopting a smoke-free and tobacco-free lifestyle.