Can I Really Make Quick Cash Stuffing Envelopes?

If you are looking for a legitimate work from home job and think you can make quick cash stuffing envelopes at home, think again.  This stuffing envelopes for easy cash scam has been around just about as long as advertisements to work from home.  They reel people in with the IDEA of the possibility of making hundreds of monthly just doing easy work like stuffing envelopes. After they tell you how much money you can make just working a few hours a day or a few hours per week, then they tell you "all you have to do is just send in $19.95 for your complete package."  If you see an advertisement telling you that you can make easy money stuffing envelopes from home, you should  be aware that 99.99 percent of the time, it is a complete scam.


Why Are These Earn Easy Money Stuffing Envelopes Companies Still Preying On People?

The earn easy money stuffing envelope companies still exist today because there are just too many for the government to keep track of.  One gets shut down today, only for another one to pop up tomorrow.  They prey on individuals who need to make extra cash for various reasons, so you will have some of these individuals looking to make extra money send in their hard earned money just to get a package telling you to engage in some scam or another. They know they will always have business because people are always looking for ways to make quick cash in their spare time, and stuffing envelopes require no skills at all.  For these two reasons, these scam artists will continue to make money scamming people. The government just does not have enough hands to handle them all. These people actually picture themselves sitting at their kitchen tables or on their couch watch tv and stuffing envelopes and making hundreds or thousands of dollars per month.  Not going to happen!  This is why you have to be careful and keep yourself from getting taken.


What's Usually In The Packages The Stuffing Envelope Companies Send?

If you get a really scummy scam company, they'll tell you to start sending out chain letters asking people for $1. However, what most of these companies will tell you, once you send in your $49.95 or $19.95 depending on the ad, is to start your own direct mail business.  You earn money stuffing envelopes because you will send out items for sale to people on a mailing list and whenever they order something, you earn money.  This is what most of these companies will tell you to do in order to earn easy money stuffing envelopes. So basically, you are sending these people money so they can tell you to start your own business.

The more sophisticated ones will give you ideas of what businesses you can start and sell you the business items you need to get started in your "stuffing envelopes to make easy money" business.

That's right, basically all stuffing envelope for quick money at home is starting your own direct marketing business.  So really, you don't have to pay any money to know that.  You only need to register as a business, choose a product or products and start advertising your product through direct marketing.  What they don't tell you is that there is really no way to guarantee that you can make hundreds, even thousands of dollars monthly doing this.  It really depends on the product, the demand for the product, your marketing material and many other variables.

The important thing for you to know is that you have to start your own business.  You are not working for someone else (which is what most people think they will be doing).  You have to invest money for supplies and there are absolutely no guarantees that you will even make a dime on sales much less hundreds or thousands.


What If I Want To Find Out What These Companies Are Offering?

Things change everyday so there by some chance may be a legitimate company out there who will pay you to sit at home and stuff envelopes.  Although I seriously doubt this, there are a few things that you can do to make sure you don't get scammed.

Don't Send Them Any Money!

The only way that you are going to get taken is if you actually send these people any money.  So don't send them anything.  Take down the name of the company and look them up online.  There should be something about their so called business online.  Also, by putting in the company name and then "complaints" into your search bar, you can find out if there are any complaints about the company and the extend of said complaints. In this age, when it is so easy to steal you identity just from information on a check, don't send in your check, name and address and personal information to just anyone.

Ask For Contact Information

If they don't have a phone number (legitimate) and contact person, you should not even deal with them. Companies that don't give you contact information don't want to be found.  The address could be a decoy or a temporary P.O. box (even if it is a street address).  When you get the contact phone number, do a reverse look up at or another online reverse lookup service and find out who the number is registered to.  You should use this step in conjunction with step one, looking up the company information and complaints online.

Tell Them To Send You Free Information

If it is a job opening you should not have to pay for it, right? If it is indeed a real job stuffing envelopes the you should not have to pay to get information.  For that matter, you should not even have to give out any information.  Everything you need should be listed right in the advertisement and it should all be free. 


So just remember, that for the most part stuffing envelopes from home advertisements are most likely not legitmate.  However, if you do decide to try it, don't send them any money and take other steps to protect yourself.