Windshield wipers are the most neglected part of a vehicle. Many people never think about their windshield wipers until they are caught on the road in poor weather conditions and their wipers are not working properly. Stores like Auto Barn and Auto Parts 123 sell wiper blades for all makes and models of vehicles, and they are affordable as well as easy to install yourself. There is no need to take your car to the auto body shop or look for a mechanic; anyone can replace wiper blades on their own with little to no skill. Follow the steps below to replace your own windshield wiper blades.

Get the Right Blades

Wipers are designed for specific vehicles, so you will need to know your make and model as well as the year of your vehicle before you order the replacement blades. The package that you will purchase will contain the blades that fit your vehicle as well as several different attachment connections that should work for your vehicle.

Match the Attachments

Open your package and look at the attachments that were included with your blades. Check your vehicle and find the attachments that match. The piece will be found where the blade and the arm meet.

Remove the Old Blades

Removing the blades will require only a flat head screwdriver and a little muscle. You should grasp the windshield wiper arm and pull it up and away from the vehicle. You want the arms to be sticking out away from the vehicles windshield.

You need to remove the windshield blade from the arm where the attachment is holding the pieces together. In most instances, the attachment will consist of a tab that snaps the blade into place. To remove the it, use the flat head screwdriver to press down on the tab to release the blade from the arm. Most attachments will have either a metal bump or two tabs on each side of the item.

Once you have removed the blade, you are ready to replace it. Be sure that while you do not have any blades on the windshield wiper arms, you never allow it to snap back towards the windshield. Without the rubber ones for padding on the arm, it could crack or damage your windshield if allowed to smack against it.

Replace the Blade

Grasp the arm and hold it away from the windshield and carefully slide the new blade with the correct attachment onto the arm. You should hear it snap into place and when pulled on; it should not give and be secured into place.

Test the Blades

Be sure to test the wiper blades after you have installed them. Turn on the key, spray the windshield wiper fluid on the windshield, and turn the wipers on. If you notice that they are not gliding across the glass properly, you should turn them off and make sure that you have them seated properly into the windshield wiper arm.