So, you want to write an article

You want to write an article, or start writing them. Maybe you run a business, either online or offline, but with a website, and you want to add content to its website, and use an article to help promote it. Maybe you want to add articles to sites like this one, and earn revenue from on page ads, or maybe you would rather have the money straight away, and be paid to write articles for others.

Can I do this?

The short answer is yes, of course you can! Actually writing an article can be done quite quickly, often in less than half an hour once you come up with a topic to write on.  You don't need to write with pen and paper, although this can be useful for jotting notes on as you think of them, although, of course, you could use your mobile phone for this.

What should I write about?

Mark Twain is credited with being the first to say "Write what you know." Write about things you have personal knowledge of, or skills in, at least at first. Later on you can start doing research in order to write on new topics. Articles rarely require creative writing, so your own knowledge is fine.

I can't think of anything, what are some examples?

There are a surprising number of subjects that you will have knowledge on.

Have you been on holiday recently? Write a review of you hotel, accommodation or resort.

Dined out at a restaurant? Write a review of the restaurant.

Read a book, played a computer game, watched a film or a television program. Write a review.

Got a hobby? Write about it.

Do any craft? Write a how to guide.

Write about a sport you play or watch. Review a recent game you've seen.

If you come up with your own recipes for food, write them down. I did this with a steak sauce that I made recently because I didn't like the pre-made ones I saw for sale.

Write about your job and what it entails.

If you've been to any tourist attractions, write about it.

You can write a short article on anything you've done or have knowledge of, and there are an awful lot of things you know or have experienced.  Brainstorm by writing a list of everything you've done or know something about.

My spelling and grammar are terrible

This is no longer the problem is used to be. Word processor programs have come a long way, and these days many of them will pick up on grammar mistakes as well as spelling. You should always read an article through anyway; sometimes they won't pick up on a correctly spelled but incorrectly used word. If you don't want to buy something like Microsoft Word, there's Open Office which is free and has pretty much the same capabilities.

In summary

You can do this. All you need to do is start. If you lack suitable word processing software, download and install some. Jot down some notes, pick a subject and start writing. It doesn't matter if your first articles aren't that good; this isn't school, and you will improve with practice.