I think it is appropriate to think of hypnosis like a dance, a co-operative effort. It's no longer thought of power over another person. It's thought of as two people co-operating for a mutual end, which is to establish better communication with the unconscious mind. So that is the point of view when doing hypnosis with a client and if a client comes and says you can't hypnotize me, you say…well you're right. No one can hypnotize you, only you can. So you are the only one who can assist yourself in going into trance,

As a Hypnotherapist you are just a facilitator and that is an important way to look at it. Before actually doing hypnosis, there are a number of things to say it is safe to say that a lot of work that we do happens before we induce trance.

It's time at the very beginning that we need to address the clients fear, fear is one of the major things that will keep a client from easily experiencing trance. Many clients have misconceptions about what trance is about. So first of all it is important to discuss that.

Most clients, and maybe you will notice that about 20 or 30% of clients will not feel hypnotized even when they are in deeper states of trance. They won't feel, hypnotized because hypnosis is so normal and so natural and it's so familiar that when we go into trance a lot of times it just feel like the same old thing that we have done before. It doesn't feel like trance even in the deeper states of hypnosis. Many clients will tell you, when you ask them are you in trance? They will say I don't think so but yet from every point of view they are in trance. So the first thing you tell a client, don't expect to feel hypnotized.

Many people come to hypnotherapist thinking that there is something about trance that is different from their normal state of consciousness and this isn't the case. A light trance will likely feel no different from relaxation. Since trance is a normal natural state, clients will feel a feeling of familiarity really no matter how far or deep into trance they go. You can say don't expect to feel hypnotized trance is not about being zonked out; it's a normal natural state. But do expect to feel relaxed. Trance, hypnosis and transfer of natural state where you feel increasing levels of relaxation. The third thing is it's really important for clients to feel they're in control. In the US currently, even the legal ruling about hypnosis is all hypnosis is self hypnosis. This is an important concept for you to understand.

Our point of view on hypnosis currently is that all hypnosis is self hypnosis, which is to say that hypnosis is something that you must do with yourself, to yourself that your clients must do with themselves and in that sense since all hypnosis is self hypnosis the client is always in control. One thing I always say to a client is that during the induction you need to know that you are in charge. For example if I asked you to stand up and it was ok you would but if I asked you to rob a bank you probably would not do that unless you would do that normally in a waking state.

It is the same in hypnosis, you're in charge and clients only accept the suggestions that are consistent with the beliefs that they have, so that is important. So the question of whether or not a client can be made to do something that they would not normally do, the current thinking in hypnosis that is without drugs, without the use of some other active agent that a client in hypnosis would not do what they would not normally do. A client with a post hypnotic suggestion would not do what they would not normally do. So that is the current thinking throughout the field of hypnosis.