Your boiler has just broken, you have no money and you need a boiler replacement

where do you get a new boiler?

I myself was in this same situation less than 18 months ago. With recessions and low income we could not plan for events such as boiler replacement and other essential repairs and maintenance, but with 3 children and the 4th being a 4 month old baby in the beginning of a freezing cold February, with heavy snow, I had no choice, that boiler needed putting in.                                                                                 

Brand new boilers increase efficiency

Workmen want paying whether you have the money or not, most of us, including myself at the time are unaware that you may be entitled to boiler replacement free and so end up placing the debt for a new boiler on a credit card, over draft or getting in to debt with family or friends. The truth is if you don't have the savings or room to pay for a boiler replacement, then you probably can't really afford to borrow the money either, not that there is a choice when you have family that will suffer with out heating and hot water. Well, that is incorrect, there is a choice. one I wish I had known of before I got in to debt. Others realize that you can not go with out essentials such as boiler replacement because you are on a low income, so there are schemes everywhere to help you.

Where to go for a free replacement boiler

First of all, if the property is not yours and you are either private renting or renting from social housing, don't even think about paying or searching for a free boiler, or the money to replace your boiler at all. It is part of your landlord's duty to keep such things in working order. If you are reading this article because you are struggling to get your landlord to pay for a new boiler, I suggest you contact environmental health at your local council, they will deal with your landlord for you. 

If however, you have no one else that will be responsible for your boiler replacement, yet you are on such a low income that you can not possibly pay for a replacement boiler, then fear not. There is a number of companies that have tendered for grants to work for the public. The most commonly known grant company for the UK is Warm Front, although Warm front are only for England, not the whole of the UK.  If you are on any benefits, including but not limited to council tax rebate, income support, or if you are on a low income and have a child under 5 living with you then you can claim for a grant of up to £3,500  for gas central heating repairs and boiler replacement.

The free phone number for Warm Front to arrange a free survey to see if you and your home are eligible is 0800 316 2805.

You may also be eligible for other help from Warm Front, such as Draft proofing, Wall cavity insulation, loft insulation, Hot water tank insulation and glass fronted fire if you have solid fuel open fire. Don't sit there thinking you probably don't qualify, you may as well speak to them and find out,it is completely free!

Where to get a grant for a free boiler replacement if you live outside England.

If you live in Wales, Scotland or Ireland, you can look on the website ",uk"  and enter your postal code to find the closest scheme that will help you with a grant to replace your old boiler.

If for some reason you are not eligible, keep an eye out for any scrappage scheme that heating and boiler replacement companies offer. You can gain around £300-£500 back on your old boiler, just make sure they aren't adding it on to the end price.