Can I learn a new language on the go ? Yes. When I say on the go, I mean while moving. 

I can't boast that I know a lot of languages, but I am happy to say I know four at the moment.

I also used to know the French language around 15 years ago at an advanced level. And for 15 years I did not speak a word. I did not practice French at all since back then.

Languages EarthI moved to a new continent, and lucky me, I need French. So i think to myself. I have been busy with learning a lot of new things, experimenting and having great life experiences, but for some reason, I quit on French and never looked back. That is one thing I deeply regret. I should not have done that. I should have read a few books a year just to keep it fresh. I did not. Well, let us leave the past in the past. Now it is time to learn French.

My problem is that my job is very demanding. And to add to it all, I am a workaholic and perfectionist when it comes to doing my job right. I can perform the job just great, as it requires English, but the social part of my life is all in French. So considering my demanding work and the sleep needed in 24 hours I barely have any time left for anything else, except perhaps the commute. Yes, that sounds like a plan. I can read on my way to work and back. I do not own a car so i take the bus for 2 hours a day (back and forth). One problem though. Working at the computer all day and reading in public transportation will for sure influence negatively my eye sight. I would not want that. So I decide to research audio courses. Another great idea. It took me a few days to find and filter courses online. I found that there are many scam sites just waiting to fish you bank info, and since they are still online, I though to myself that maybe I am in the wrong business (joking).

Ok. Back to learning a new language. So I found a course. It seems to be know. It seems to be good, so I will give it a try. I found it fascinating. I loved it. Exactly what I was looking for. A few weeks later, I was sitting downtown with my friend and having a very casual conversation without even worrying about how to express myself. I have to admit, I had the French accent from 15 year back and obviously it was easier to remember a language that I knew then to learn it all anew. On the other hand, Pimsleurs Audio method made it so easy. I would take the bus, and the lessons would start. I used my commute in the most efficient way and I felt great about it.

Sometimes I could not even focus on the lesson, but I would play it anyway. As my mind was someplace else, I would still hear the teacher in my headset. There are researches that show that this kind of learning also works, although I am rather skeptical about it. But why not give it a try. Even if the day was hard and I could not focus on the French, it could not hurt so I played it anyway. Sometimes it stuck, sometime it did not.

I always had a passion for learning new languages. Maybe I will finally start to learn Italian some time soon.