Technology has made it possible to cure and treat illnesses that would have been deadly a century ago. Various surgeries have been performed and perfected for hundreds of years. Now, a new field of medicine is entering the limelight. Since the 1950's, researchers have begun to study lasers as a medical treatment with astounding results.

Most fields have accepted laser treatments as solutions in some cases. Cataracts, glaucoma, and eyesight have improved with laser surgeries, and many cosmeticians have begun using lasers to smooth skin abnormalities. One company has begun to take the use of lasers a step further.

Erchonia has invented the Zerona low level laser that has proven to be an effective weight loss treatment. This device is used as an alternative to liposuction. The Zerona laser stimulates natural biological functions of the body, creating a safe and effective weight loss method. The laser targets fat tissues without damaging other tissues in the body. The fat tissues are then detoxified by the naturally occurring functions of the body. Erchonia's studies have shown that results occur after merely two weeks of treatment. Though the technology is advanced, the treatment is quite simple. It is noninvasive with no recovery time. The patient's daily life is not affected by open wounds, stitches or extensive rest periods, as is typical with traditional liposuction surgery.

In addition, surgeries come with a plethora of risks such as infection, complications, and human error. With the noninvasive Zerona laser treatment, liposuction can potentially become obsolete. There seem to be endless follow up appointments for surgeries, and the problem can flare up years later. Studies done on Zerona have shown just the opposite in long term effects. Instead of potentially negative long-term issues, Zerona is proven to actually reduce hunger in patients. The hunger producing hormone, leptin, is affected by Zerona and reduces hunger in patients, which leads to portion control.

Since lasers entered the market, cold laser treatment information is readily available online, and they have proven to be worthy of their rave reviews. Though many of the ailments currently being treated are cosmetic, there are dozens of companies researching deadly diseases, including lasers as a cure for melanoma cancer. There is a lot of evidence in favor of laser treatments over traditional surgeries, which will you choose?