There is a lot of disagreement between a number of Mac and PC users pertaining to whether or not Mahowcs can end up with viruses. There are valid points on both sides, along with a whole lot of bogus, but we’re here to uncover the genuine truth for you! Here are the facts:

Mac owners claim that the Mac operating system is superior to Windows and as a result it can’t get viruses. When I anonymously started a live shopping cart support chat at with an “Apple Expert” this is what he commented after being asked if Macs could potentially get viruses:

“The Unix core that the Mac OS is built on prevents Mac computers from being susceptible to computer viruses.”

I responded, “So there is no way I would need to worry about getting a virus?”

“Not at all!” he said. Needless to say, they are salespeople and as a result have scripts for practically every question that they are expected to use. Still, this does tell you what exactly Apple likes us to believe...there is simply no possible way a Mac could get viruses.

A PC buyer's primary point is that any OS can and will get viruses. If some programmers spend dozens of hours understanding the concepts of how to create viruses for Windows, why can’t these people do the same thing for Macs?

As I said previously, both of these opinions are valid, but there is only one answer. The actual answer is…Macs are able to get viruses!* But that’s not the end of the story. If you look carefully, you will probably notice that I wrote an asterisk after that last statement. The purpose for that is because despite the fact that Macs can get viruses, they generally don't. The explanation for this is simple really. Due to the fact that Macs only make up 5% of the market share, a programmer would be dumb to devote months studying how to program viruses for Macs and then devote many months making the virus all simply to target merely 5% of the market! It would be a total waste of time! Also, another advantage for Macs is that the Mac OS X is actually more challenging for coders to learn about than Windows operating systems. It's possible, and has already been done, but it is tougher.

Since we’ve got that resolved, do I believe Mac customers ought to go out and buy anti-virus software? No. Do I believe Macs will be protected for a long time? No. Sooner or later I think Macs will acquire a sizeable share more of the market share making them a real target for viruses. Therefore Mac owners should also learn how to get rid of viruses...just in case.  The fact is that there is more than one factor to think about when purchasing computers and lots of people favor PCs over Macs and so they will need to protect their PC.