There have been other articles that I've written that talk about similar topics. The difference, however, with this one is that it relates to psychic mediums rather than clairvoyant psychics. Now, there might be some splitting of hairs here because these can also be very similar depending upon who you are talking with. The main difference would be that a medium or channel usually has a connection with someone in your life. The similarity is that either or both could be a phone psychic, this is just the way that they convey the information to you.

Clairvoyant psychics often have a variety of ways in which they can gather information to help answer your questions or guide you in some way to your life's path. These senses can be similar with a medium. The main three senses are the sight (clairvoyance), hearing (clairaudience) and feeling (clairsentience). There have been others suggesting a taste and empathic type of clairvoyance, where you would feel what the other person who has passed was feeling. While I'm not suggesting that the latter of these skills is false, they are just less often accessed than the first three. Phone psychics typically make up a broad range of different types of psychics.

The term psychic, like much of our language in the medical and philosophical realms comes from Greek. It means to come from the spirit or mental spirit. So, what we find is that there are psychics who have the ability to use their minds to explain what it is that they are sensing in one of the ways we will discuss briefly, in order to arrive at some answers to help clarify things for you in your life. The prefix 'clair'- refers to the clarity aspect. So, psychic clairvoyance is simply 'clear seeing'.

Can Phone Psychics Can Be Clairvoyants or Psychic Mediums

The answer is yes, as we've discussed briefly above. Psychic mediums are simply more known for how they are able to channel the energies of people from our lives, people who have passed on. In a similar way, trans-medium channels or psychic mediums can channel the energy from these spirits or others in the realm of the global soul, higher consciousness or what ever term you might use to describe that. If you believe that our spirits are simply freed from the physical body when we pass and enter a sort of 'soul field', then you must acknowledge that there must have been something in that field before we were born as well. These spirits, in their various forms can be channeled by a psychic medium.

A psychic clairvoyant is very much tuned into the way that you are blocking the access to the answers you seek through your higher consciousness. This is why friends and family or a counselor, coach or therapist can be great in some situations, but lacking in others. Sometimes the people you are closest to are not able to search outside of their personal relationship or understanding of who you are to be able to help you find the answers you are looking for. This is when the availability of trusted phone psychics or a psychic clairvoyant could be of great help to you.