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If you want to know, “can Red Cross help me pay for rent?” look no further. The Red Cross offers many services through their volunteer corps including rental assistance however, not every local branch can help you directly.

Financial Crisis and Solutions

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If you are wondering “can Red Cross help me pay for rent?” you are not alone. Many people in tight financial times have turned to charities and other non-profit organizations to seek aid in paying their rent. The American Red Cross functions as a volunteer organization and has since its inception in the year 1881. The initial purpose was providing disaster relief for those overseas and domestically. As time has passed, the American Red Cross has taken on further purposes. Now they function to help people during times of disasters as well as offering a national blood program. They work with the military assisting families of enlisted. Not only that but they teach classes for primary grade students and preschoolers for health and safety while training older children in things such as babysitting.

Federal Programs

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The American Red Cross has now helped to create programs which help people to avoid a foreclosure, no matter the reason they cannot pay their rent. There are federal programs which now aid people in paying their rent. Because of this the question “can Red Cross help me pay for rent?” demands the answer of “yes”, however they help pay your rent for short term assistance sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly.

One of the manners in which the American Red Cross can help you pay for rent is through blood donation and prize drawings. In order to meet the demands of international blood banks, they have enticed donors through prizes. Those who donate have their name placed into a drawing to receive one month of free rent.

Local Red Cross Chapter

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If you need help paying your rent and you have asked the question “can Red Cross help me pay for rent?” turn to the local chapter of the American Red Cross. They should each have their own website on which you can conduct basic research including popular links and contact information. Not all American Red Cross chapters can directly help you pay your rent. In those cases, they can help you locate local organizations which can offer you the necessary financial assistance.

Red Cross Payday Loans

When you need money, and fast, your local branch might direct you to a payday loan for a short term solution, especially for those with bad credit asking the question “can Red Cross assist me to pay for rent?” Bad credit personal loans are a great means of getting the help that you need without having to endure a long application process, borrow from friends, or get a credit check. You can utilize these bad credit personal loans. This is especially useful in the case of unexpected expenses such as medical bills or when you need a last minute flight in the event of a family emergency. The locations of payday loans are scattered throughout the United States. For low interest loans these companies and other local charities have numerous locations. There are over ten thousand loan outlets all over the United States and internationally. For low interest loans these companies and other local charities offers the additional convenience of being able to book online. The great thing about a payday loan from these companies and other local charities that if there is not an outlet near you, you can still book your small, one time bad credit personal loans online and receive confirmation and the funds without having to walk into a physical location.

Bad Credit Personal Loans

With low interest loans these companies and other local charities seek to “help” people who are facing dire financial strain, they offer bad credit personal loans, without needing to know the reason for the loan, as a major part of their financial services. By using low interest loans these companies and other local charities are a viable alternative to banks, as these companies extend their hours beyond that of a normal bank and are situated in locations more accessible than banks. Offering low interest loans these companies and other local charities will also cash checks when banks are not open so that people do not have to travel very far. The majority of the customers who utilize these services are working and under the age of forty five. With a payday loan company services are fast and convenient.

American Red Cross Loan

With a short term loan from the American Red Cross, there are locations in nearly every community. In order to qualify for a loan or advance from one of these branches or organizations you need to have a current job, and be able to prove your hardship and the ability to pay back the loan within a reasonable amount of time. Using the American Red Cross and other organizations to get short term financial relief might require that you fill out an application. When this happens, they make the application process simple. When you fill out the form either in person or online, you will enter your basic contact information so that volunteers can verify your identity and evaluate your overall financial need, as well as the time constraints you might be facing such as an impending eviction notice. When you fill out the application you will fill out your employment information. This information is not used to contact the employer but to prove that you are employed so that you can determine a reasonable date to pay back your short, short-term loan from the American Red Cross. 

If you do seek help paying your rent from the American Red Cross, do not be surprised if they heavily research your income and ask for certain identify verification and proof of income. If you are in dire need they might ask to see the eviction notice. Since they are providing a positive answer to the question “can Red Cross help me pay for rent?” is it best that you are grateful and courteous at all times.


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There are many services offered by the American Red Cross, including financial services. However, they can help you pay your rent either directly or indirectly by providing you with other immediate assistance programs in your areas. The answer to the question, “Can Red Cross help me pay for rent?” is yes.