Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is one of chronic disorders which no one ever wants to acquire due to the disabling pain it brings. Primarily, the joints are the first ones to be affected by it causing so much pain every time one moves. However, over time the arthritis will start to manifest to other organs in the body aside from the joints. Such is called extra-articular manifestations or simply means "outside the joints."

Since other organs are affected, it is often hard to determine if such complications are caused by rheumatoid arthritis or simply by other diseases. More often than not, medications also have effects on the joints of a person and this will complicate things even more which will lead to incorrect diagnosis of a person feeling the pain as well as the doctors who are checking them up.

It is clear enough that rheumatoid arthritis can really affect other organs in the human body. Therefore, one should be aware of the symptoms and signs of this chronic disease so that proper diagnosis will be done without complications. Remember, anyone can have this disorder regardless of the age. So you have the reason to feel safe by knowing about it. Below are some of the organs which easily be affected by rheumatoid arthritis;

The Skin

A rheumatoid nodule is the usual manifestation of RA and is subcutaneous. Hence, it generally affects the skin and its layers. Little by little, skin cells start to be corrupt due to inability to heal. This will lead to flaking and dryness along with severe pain and unexplainable itchiness.

The Lungs

The lungs will easily respond to any rheumatoid diseases such as arthritis. Thus, fibrosis will start to manifest as well as the deterioration of the pleura which surrounds the lungs and serves as protection.

The Kidneys

RA can directly affect the glomerulus through the vasculopathy. It usually starts with an inflammation of one of the kidneys as a reaction to treatment used for arthritis. And as a filter of the body, some of the chemicals will result to slow destruction of every kidney.

Other organs which can easily be affected by Rheumatoid arthritis include the heart and its blood vessels, the eyes and even the blood. This kind of chronic disorder can damage not just the joints but even the whole body of a person over time if it remains untreated. If you would think that arthritis affects only the joints, then you are wrong!

It is imperative for a person to know the characteristics of this dreaded and life-threatening chronic disorder. To know more about it, do a research on your own either through the net or read some updated books about it. You may also visit some arthritis advisory websites and learn more about Rheumatoid Arthritis.