Can self hypnosis improve confidence? Short answer: yes, it can.

Long answer:

A lot of people these days are sick and tired of their low self confidence issues. Whatever your reason may be for reading this article, you're in the right place if you're wondering can self hypnosis improve confidence. Maybe you want to get into public speaking but are terrified of the idea of talking to a large crowd. All the self help books and techniques are useless unless applied to the real world. One of the best self improvement techniques for building confidence has always been self hypnosis.

First, let's look at why it's important to improve your confidence levels. There have been many studies done in the past that clearly show that people who low self confidence end up performing poorly at school, in their careers, and in all other aspects of their lives. Also, people with low self confidence are more likely to commit suicide than their more confident peers.

Self hypnosis works really well because it bypasses your conscious mind and sends subliminal positive confidence-building messages to your subconscious mind. The effect is powerful and the benefits of self hypnosis last a lifetime.

Of course, you can hire a professional hypnotherapist to help you build your confidence but it can be very expensive. It's a lot more economical to do it yourself at home using self hypnosis. It's also a lot more convenient.

Some of the best self hypnosis tools to build self confidence include pre-recorded mp3s that take you deeper and deeper into a hypnotic trance and give you subliminal confidence-boosting messages. There are also videos available out there either on Youtube or that you could buy on DVD that basically do the same thing. Either approach is fine and will work for you. You can be sure that whatever you choose whether its an mp3 or a video, self hypnosis will help you reach your goals and dreams in life.

I just wanted to mention that there are a lot of great free resources out there on the internet for confidence-boosting self hypnosis. There are free courses, free mp3s, free videos on Youtube, etc... that will all help you grow your self confidence. Take advantage of these resources that are at your disposal and give them a chance.

You may be skeptical about all things related to hypnosis and self hypnosis, but I believe it's important to give it a chance. It may or may not work for you but what do you have to lose really? It's free and it won't take up a lot of your time and the benefits could be well worth the investment of a couple of extra minutes a day.

The self hypnosis programs on the internet that help you build confidence will allow you to get a clear mental image of the confident person you would like to become. The confident person you CAN become.

 I will give you a brief outline of how these program works if you want to do it yourself.

The very first step is to write down with a pen and paper what your intention for self hypnosis is. You have to take that written intention and turn it into a positive affirmation. Two key things to remember about affirmations is that they have to be written in the present tense and they have to be positive. It's important not to write negative affirmations like: "I am no longer lacking self-confidence" because these negative affirmations have the opposite effect we're going after. You need to make it positive and in the present tense like for example: "I believe in myself and I am more confident now than I have ever been before in my life". Your affirmations should reflect the end goal you do want and not the end goal you don't want. Remember, we get what we focus on.

The next thing you need to do involves visualization. You need to create a strong mental image of the confident individual you would like to become. Imagine every little detail about your confidence. The way you talk. The way you walk. The way you hold yourself. Etc...

One good way to use this self hypnosis technique is to use visualization to imagine yourself in situations where you usually lack confidence. Maybe it's when you're making a presentation for work for example. Well, use your imagination and imagine yourself being the confident presenter you would like to be.

The next step is to do this visualization while you're in a hypnotic trance.

One great way to get into a hypnotic trance is through deep breathing. You need to go to a quiet place first in the outside world where you cannot be interrupted or distracted and also internally where you won't be interrupted or distracted. Get into a relaxed position and close your eyes. Then, just focus on your breathing. Count to 5 as you inhale and count to 5 as you exhale. Imagine your whole body relaxing. Go to a quiet place, a safe place. The key here is to completely relax your body and mind through deep abdominal breathing. It's almost like meditation. Also, counting as you breathe in and out is important. You need to focus all your attention on the counting, the breathing, and the relaxing of your body and mind.

Visualization can also be used to get yourself into a deep trance. You could use the free mp3s we talked about too that have relaxing music or sounds for example. When it comes to visualizing yourself into a trance, you could imagine yourself on a beautiful beach lying down on a towel on the sand. Listen to the relaxing sound of the waves hitting the sand.

Once you are completely relaxed and in a trance, that is the perfect time to start imagining yourself being the confident person you CAN be and want to be. Imagine yourself as already having become that person. Face your fears in your mind before you face them in real life. As you visualize yourself being confident, you can also repeat the affirmations you wrote down earlier to reinforce these ideas into your subconscious mind.

That's it! You did it. You just hypnotized yourself... Practice this every day and you'll soon notice your big changes in your life.

Thanks for reading!