Yes they can! Now you just need to know how stretch marks go away and then you will be able to get rid of any you might have. Truth is most people have, or have gotten stretch marks in their lifetime. Most will heal up pretty quickly and easily. Then there are those of us who don't heal quite as easily.


Remember one thing though, that preventing stretch marks is much easier than getting rid of them. That is why you should do all the below to make sure that your skin is nice and healthy so that you do not get anymore stretch marks.


Lotions and Creams

There are plenty of lotions and creams out there that you should try first. They are the easiest out of all the options for getting rid of stretch marks and you should always start with the easiest stuff first. CoCoa Butter is the first thing I would try if I was you. It's cheap and can be found nearly everywhere. CoCoa butter is known for preventing stretch marks, but it can also get rid of some mild ones within days. I suggest using it for a few weeks and seeing if there is any visible change, if so keep using it.


Next is Revitol stretch mark cream. This is one of the most expensive creams out there that you can buy. It is also one of the most highly praised. Lots of people say that the stretch marks practically disappear after a week. This is probably going to be your best bet and if it works you will want to keep some on hand because it does a wonderful job at preventing stretch marks as well.


Stay Hydrated

While doing anything to try and fix stretch marks you should be getting plenty of water. The reason for this is that if your skin is hydrated it can actually stretch farther than when it is dry. So it will help prevent you from getting any new stretch marks, which is definitely a good thing. But on top of that water stimulates your skin to rejuvenate itself. Water is the base for everything in your body, does it surprise you its necessary to heal itself as well?


If Everything Else Fails

If nothing else makes your stretch marks go away, then maybe it is time to talk with your doctor about laser treatment for them. It doesn't hurt, but it will cost a bit more than a simple lotion or cream. They simply burn off the dead and damaged tissue under the skin and give the skin a chance to heal itself the right way this time.