I know the waiting is hard, you keep hoping each morning as you wake up that this will finally be the day that you get that BFP big fat positive on your HPT home pregnancy test.

So is 11 DPO days past ovulation the right time? Can you get a positive this early? I will say that it is possible, but it is not very common. Most women cannot get a positive result on their pregnancy test until about 13 to 14 days past ovulation.

I was doing some research on this very topic and discovered that it is possible to get negatives all the way up to 16 DPO and then suddenly get a positive. So make sure you don't give up hope until your monthly menstrual actually arrives to tell you otherwise.

The absolute best day to POAS pee on a stick would be at 14 DPO. That way you have a very high chance of showing positive if you are truly pregnant.

Remember that when your pregnancy test says you can get results up to 5 days before your period is due that they are assuming that you ovulated on day 14 of your monthly cycle. We are not always like that so you cannot just go off your period due date.

Instead treat that number as 10 DPO. If it is possible to get a positive at 10 DPO it doesn't hurt to try testing if you have one of those early testing ones. However, for a regular test you should wait a minimum of 14 DPO.

There are some documented cases of women not getting a BFP big fat positive until after 16 DPO so even then you are not totally out of the running.

Also, pay attention to what symptoms you may be having which could give you a clue as to if you are pregnant or not. Are you experiencing things that are not normally part of what you feel before your next period? Are things any different this month?

Depending on what test you take and its sensitivity you should probably wait as long as you can. At 10 DPO it is possible to get a positive with a test that rated at 25 mIU for hCG.

If your test is rated for 50 mIU then the soonest you can get a positive would be 12 days past ovulation. Of course, if you have a test that only shows positive at 100 mIU then the soonest you could get a positive is 14 DPO days past ovulation. So be sure to check out the information that came with your test to see what the sensitivity is.