One of the biggest misconceptions concerning termites is that they simply can not destroy a home that is made of bricks. People usually tell prospective home buyers that because their home is made of brick that there is no termite damage or need for an inspection. The fact that the home may appear impenetrable does not mean that termites aren't already hard at work destroying the home from the inside out.

You may have concerns about if a termite can actually chew through bricks and concrete because of the popularity of the expression super termite. These little formosan termites are quite strong indeed, but there is no termite that has the strength or the ability to chew through any type of brick or concrete. The mandibles on the front of the termite are indeed powerful, but they are definitely not strong enough to penetrate a brick.

Even though the concrete used in between bricks is made up primarily of sand, a substance many termites have little trouble moving in granular form, once they encounter a solid wall of cement they simply need to find a way around it to proceed eating. Your home is made of bricks and cement and you are positive the termites can not penetrate through the solid fortress. You may think the exterior is solid, but to a termite, there are dozens if not hundreds of small passageways for them the get tight past the obstruction.

The termite only needs a gap in the cement as thick as a regular playing card to be able to get into the walls. In a brick home especially, there are so many joints where the bricks lay on top of each other, and many of those joints are not properly sealed. Cracks in the walls or floor are an open invitation to the termites. As a house settles over the years, exterior cracks form in walls and flooring all over the home.

Your exterior may be all brick, but did you know that they do have a significant amount of wood inside them. Right behind your exterior brick wall lies the stud walls, the furring strips and the baseboards. Additionally if they can gain access to the attic they have a fresh supply of wood that could last them decades. Having a home inspector or pest control expert come out and analyze any possible entry points is a wise investment in your homes future.