Baby Jogger has a lineup of strollers that have been well received by both critics and parents for years. In the summer of 2012 the Versa stroller was first released to the delight of many parents and bloggers.

As I write this article the stroller has only been on store shelves for a week or two and although the stroller looks awesome and features some fantastic selling points it is not designed for every parent. It does some things extremely well at the direct sacrifice of others.

This Is A Reversible Stroller – Not A Double Stroller

The City Versa Stroller by Baby JoggerThe Versa for instance is a reversible stroller that can be folded with one hand in one fluid motion although it does take one additional step to fold the seat down before folding the frame. It doesn’t even matter which direction the seat is facing to accomplish this however.

The stroller itself is designed after the City Select strollers in that it has four wheels and looks very similar to the Select frame but it won’t seat two children like the Select series. Instead the Versa allows the seat to be either forward or rear facing. This is something that the Select doesn’t allow.

The Select strollers are not reversible but they do support many different seating configurations which can generally accommodate just about any family of one to two kids.

Green 2012 City Mini StrollerThe other stroller option is the City Mini series of strollers and the GT variant. These are cheaper options that the Select strollers and the Versa strollers but they don’t offer any of the configuration options. The Mini and Mini GT simply face forward and hold either one or two kids depending on whether you own the single or double models.

I have reviewed both the City Versa here and the City Mini GT here if you want more information on them.

Reasons To Buy The New Versa

You can’t buy the Versa if you need a second seat or even a platform for a toddler to stand on but it is great for infants and toddlers alike. It will hold larger kids and can accommodate smaller babies and infants very easily.

It has four wheels making it a better option for maneuverability in malls and amusement parks (in my opinion) and the four wheels provides more space underneath the seat for a large storage basket.

City Select Stroller by Baby JoggerThe Versa is generally cheaper than the Select strollers and it has such an innovative fold that it’s hard to come up with negatives about it. I don’t like the weight of the stroller (roughly 26lbs) but since it’s not designed for hiking or jogging this will not usually be a problem unless you have difficulty getting it into and out of your trunk.

If you absolutely need a second seat or arrangement for a second child then this stroller is not for you but otherwise it is an awesome option for parents considering but not yet sold on the City Mini GT or the City Select strollers.