Green Coffee Bean Extract Weight Loss

So, how does the green coffee bean extract help you lose weight? This is the question that has been on everyone's lips in the past couple of months or so. This question has been made even more popular when the product was showcased in a popular doctor television show, where the wonder weight loss pill (GCBE) was being discussed.

This television show immediately caught my attention, and that of millions of other viewers I believe, who were quick to shower it with praises as the new weight loss solution. As usual, I hardly ever take anything I hear at face value and so I took my pen and notebook and I got down to business.

Below is what I came up with on the so-called miracle weight loss pill, but first...

Green coffee beans
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What Really Is The Green Coffee Bean Extract?

The green coffee bean extract is one of the newly discovered dietary supplements used by many people to help them lose weight. As its name suggests, the coffee beans are actually green in color as they are still fresh and not roasted.

Coffee beans are usually roasted so that they can be used to brew the usual coffee that you and I drink. Although roasting the coffee beans adds a distinctive flavor to the coffee, the heat usually ends up destroying chlorogenic acid, a naturally existing compound in the green coffee beans.

If at the end of this article you feel like this product will suit your needs in losing weight, you should exercise extra care in only using 100% pure GCBE as it is much safer compared to the other extracts which are usually laced with additives.

Using vegetable GCBE capsules is also highly recommended but that shouldn't worry you too much as it is just an added advantage which won't affect the overall performance of the product as such.

What Led To The Popularity Of GCBE?

There have been several studies that have been conducted by various weight loss professionals about the relationship between green coffee bean extract and weight loss.

One major study however which was conducted by Dr. Joe Vinson - a respected expert in natural supplements and weight loss - together with Mysore Negendran and Bumham Bryan, tends to stand out from the rest of the other studies conducted in the past.

In that study, a group of sixteen overweight people was selected for a clinical study with each of them being given the GCBE each single day. They were also given a diet that did not exceed 2,400 calories in any given day, which by all means is way above the normal average amount of calories that most people consume in a day.

What surprised most is that, although the participants in the clinical trial did not engage in any sort of exercise, they still managed to lose an average of 17 pounds of their total body weight in 12 weeks.

From these findings, the experts concluded that GCBE when combined with regular exercises and a healthy diet, is indeed one of the fastest and cheapest ways to losing weight.

Green coffee beans
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Health Benefits Associated With GCBE

1. Weight Loss

We have already seen that GCBE can help you lose weight (from the study that was conducted by Dr. Joe Vinson and others) and I am sure that almost every one of us knows the importance of having a healthy body weight right?

For the sake of those who don't know or have no clue about what we are talking about, a healthy body weight will lead to:-

Better cardiovascular health, least likelihood of occurrence of diseases such as diabetes, arthritis and the like but more important is that it saves you a great deal of cash that you would otherwise be spending on doctors appointments and visits to the hospital as a result of the many ailments that come with being overweight.

Also, a healthy body weight will definitely give you lots of self-confidence.

Green coffee bean extract and weight loss
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2. Chlorogenic Acid Is A Natural Antioxidant

As mentioned earlier, one of the key ingredients in GCBE is chlorogenic acid which also happens to be a natural antioxidant. Antioxidants work by getting rid of free radicals that may be found in your bloodstream. This in turn improves your blood circulation and the tone of your muscles too.

3. GCBE Is Great For Diabetics

Since chlorogenis acid inhibits the production of the enzyme G6P, the culprit behind the destabilization of your blood sugar levels, then it goes without saying that if you are suffering from diabetes, GCBE can help stabilize your blood sugar levels while at the same time help you keep up a safe body weight.

What Is The Most Effective Dosage?

During the study, both high and low amounts of green coffee bean extract were given to participants to find out the ideal amount that can be administered to get the best results.

What they came up with as the most effective dosage was 800 mg that is to be taken each day. The most effective way that this dosage is to be taken is in 400 mg increments taken twice in a day. This should be taken half an hour before you either take your breakfast or dinner as it is more effective when it is not taken together with food.

It's important to note that you do not have to be slave to this schedule, but rather the point here is to make it a routine and you shall have your desired results in no time.

It is further advised that you take the extract with a huge glass of water and to always remember to keep taking water throughout the day as this assists the body in "flashing" out fat.

Another important point to note about this product is that it is totally safe to take it with your vitamin supplements, but if you are expectant, breast-feeding or on other prescribed drugs, you should take time to consult you doctor before you take the GCBE.

Vitamin supplements can be taken with GCBE
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In Conclusion

Struggling with weight loss can be challenging and I am sure that you have tried various methods of losing weight with some being succesful and others not so succesful.

The GCBE however, according to my opinion which is backed by my on little research, makes the fight against weight loss not only cheaper but also attainable and tenable as you never really have to watch the amount of calories that you take in a day.

So if you are convinced that this is the right product for you, remember to only buy 100% green coffee bean extract from a reputable manufacturer. I would recommend on who is willing to refund you the full amount spent if you find the product to be bogus.

With that I would like to believe that you are one step closer to winning the battle with weight loss and living a healthy life.

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