Las Vegas is home to millions of brightly illuminated neon lights. All of the casinos in Las Vegas seem to have numerous Neon lights. All of the major casino signs are made with Neon. The beautiful Neon lights are synonymous with the mystic of Las Vegas. Most visitors to Las Vegas never give a second thought to the Neon Lights, except for oohing and awing at them as well as stopping to take some pictures of the bright Neon signs. Are Neon Lights actually dangerous?

Is Neon Gas Is Dangerous?

Neon lights are basically glass tubes filled with various gasses. Neon is only one of the many gasses that can be used. Neon is used for producing bright red colors. Although we use the term Neon for all lights, there are many other gases used to generate other colors. Argon is another popular gas used in Neon signs.

If a Neon sign breaks open and you are exposed to Neon or Argon gas, you may think that it is dangerous to your health. In reality there is no danger, as there is very little gas used in the glass tubed neon signs, and the gas that is there will no be enough to harm you at all.

OK, The Gas Won't Hurt Me But What About Broken Glass Shards?

A Neon sign rarely explodes, and when it does it is usually caused by an overload on the circuit. There could be danger of getting bombarded with some glass shards from the glass tubes, but the odds of a Neon Sign breaking is very slim. If you happen to be standing underneath a large Neon sign, the sign happens to explode, and you get your skin embedded with glass shards you are experiencing a very rare thing and you should immediately head to the convenience store and buy some lotto tickets.

Mercury Contamination

Although Neon and Argon gas is not dangerous, some Neon lights use minute amounts of Mercury depending on the color the sign needs to have. Although Mercury is dangerous, the tiny amount in a sign is not a danger, however if a Neon sign breaks and it has mercury in it and you play with the sign, then you could poison yourself with mercury.

Can I Get Shocked By A Neon Sign?

Yes. If a Neon Sign is not properly wired then there is a risk of getting electrocuted by a Neon sign. In Las Vegas most of the signs are made by professional Neon Sign companies and are installed by knowledgeable electricians. If a Neon Sign is a cheap version and the wiring was not done properly then you could potentially shock yourself.