It can be quite difficult to understand that you have to be healthy in order to lose weight - it doesn't go the other way around. When someone is obese, they are just that for a reason and it doesn't change just by using diet pills which boost ones metabolism. This is exactly the reason why so many of us gain the weight back after we have lost it.

The long term way to change your body, and your health is to be as healthy as you can, and notice the changes in your energy levels, health, and in your fat mass. Usually accumulation of fat mass is a malfunction in the body, whether that is a malfunction of glucose metabolism or estrogen metabolism or even cortisol management. By fixing these problems one can reduce fat and feel better - but most importantly they can enjoy long term results and not fear the yo-yo effect of typical reduced calorie dieting.

There are many diet supplements that work for some people, but don't bring any results to others. Some people get really good results of a specific diet regime, but others don't get the same. This usually points to the direction that these people don't have the same problem to fix. Generally, a reduction in calories works to some extent, but you can't eat extremely small portions for the rest of your life, and if you don't learn how to choose the foods that help your body function in a proper manner, you will never be able to live a normal life without the fear of gaining that fat back.

You should always contact a professional in the health and fitness industry, when you want to plan an effective weight loss plan. Visit the doctor and have a physical to see if you have any problems with your health, but also to see which are the key factors that you have to work on.

For example someone who has high glycosylated hemoglobin, should definitely work on their blood glucose management. Basically this would mean eating a low carbohydrate diet, with minimal refined carbohydrates. This will help the body to become more insulin sensitive and keep a steady blood glucose level. Also these people could benefit from a carb blocker supplements, which when taken with a meal will help reduce the effect the meal has on the blood glucose.

For someone else, who has high cholesterol, the most important thing would be to get it down, and increasing the amount of healthy fats in the diet, and getting rid of sugar in the diet could do some good. Also using a fish oil supplement has been shown to be a healthy habit which helps one lower their cholesterol. 

When you are trying to lose weight, picking up healthy habits one by one will be the key in keeping the results. Using a thermogenic fat burner, will not give you permanent results, unless you know how to change your lifestyle at the same time.

Any supplement, or any diet, should only be used in the close supervision of a physician. This is especially important when one already has problems with their health!