Making money online is seen as a holy grail for some people, and blogging crops up over and over as way of doing it. The question often asked therefore is 'can you *really* make money blogging, or is it just a myth?'

Read on to find out the answer...

The simple answer is that yes, you can most definitely make money blogging, but that doesn't really help much does it! So, there are certain things you need to do, and decisions you need to make before you can start.

The first decision is what type of blog you are going to create. When blogs first appeared online, they were mainly used as online diaries, a way for people to put their views about pretty much anything online. All well and good, and still an option today, but not very likel to make money. A few people manage to make a full time living like this by simply putting a button on the blog asking for donations, but for that to make any decent money you need a large and faithful following. That means you need to be offering something unique, which is not easy!

There are much easier ways to go if you want to make money blogging, which do not require so much creativity, and in fact there is currently a big trend for 'auto blogging', where software takes care of much of the content creation. I'll return to that a little later on, but for now I'll stick with explaining the concept of using blogs for niche marketing.

When using niche, you are using blogs as websites, made easier by the technology around today, and here is the formula to follow...

1. Pick a niche market - a niche market is a select group of people who are established as buyers online, and you want a niche that has lots of searches and as little competition as possible.

2. You find what they want to buy - this is important - do not guess at what people want, let the market itself tell you what it is looking for, and this is what you provide.

3. You drive them to your offer and convert to make sales. If you have selected your market properly and have an offer which gives them what they want, you will make money if you get your offer in front of that market.

Although each step has many sub steps to follow, this formula can make enough money for you to quit your job and a whole lot more. Lots of people try to over complicate things, and while I will explain the steps in further detail in other articles, the simple formula above is all you need. You can do most of it for free, and if you spend a small amount in the beginning, it can make the job even easier, but let's be clear about it - there is no doubt that you absolutely *can* make money blogging!